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How Can You Become an ISP Reseller?

You won’t have to set up your own ISP company and invest much, but you can make a profit just by becoming an ISP reseller. You can buy ISP services from already established ISP networks and then sell them under your company’s name.

Steps to become an ISP reseller

If you want to become an ISP reseller, then the following are the steps that would guide you that how you can become one:

1. Who will be the owner?

If you create a customer base, who will own it and who will run it? It is very important that you take this decision at the start of the business so nothing goes wrong in the future when you will be taking bigger decisions like what if you would like to sell your company to someone else? You need to brand your name so you will be the one to take care of everything, and you will be the owner. 

As a private label ISP, would you be satisfied enough with your wholesale ISP, or would you like to move your whole customer base with another wholesale provider in the future? So, make sure you take care of all these details at the very first step. 

2. Start your research

There are going to be many wholesale ISP companies that sell ISP services, so you become a part of their company. So, now it is time to start your research. You need to look for all the ISP service providers in your area. You need to compare the details of all the companies. Make a list and mark those companies that are providing the most convenient services at quite low rates so you will be able to make some profits in the future.

3. Get in contact with companies

You should have at least 10 ISP companies on your list. The more option you will have, the better customer base you will be able to create. So now it is time to get in contact with those ISP companies. You should ask them questions like their experience and when they start their business.

Plus, you should ask them how many customers they already have and what technical support they will provide you with if you become their customer? How will they help you out when you start your ISP reselling business? Last but not least you question to be about the price. It is quite obvious that they will charge you for their services, and you need to ask about it so you will be able to make up your mind whether you are becoming their company’s part or you would like to explore more options. 

4. Make your decision

Once you get the details of all the ISP companies on the list, then you should compare them. You will be reselling ISP, and you should get them from an already established company at lower rates if you are really looking forward to flourishing in your business. Go for the company that is selling ISP at the lowest price and providing maximum services. So, now it is time to take your final decision, so you will be able to jump to the next step.

5. Get your license

Without a license from the state, you won’t be able to resell ISP. So you need to apply for the license by using the Official Business Link to the U.S government. Here you will learn about the requirements of registration, incorporation, and licensing in your state. 

6. Start marketing

After getting your license, you can start your business. It is time to let the world know that you have become an ISP reseller. You can use different platforms for this cause. You can advertise Ads about your business. You can start posting about your company on social media handles.

You should mention that your ISP business will help its business to flourish. You will get advertising support and advice on whatever you will need from us. You just have to get attention from the public because people would already be getting these services from other ISP resellers, so you need to offer something better so they ISP services from your company. 

7. Stay in touch with your customers

It is very much important that you stay in contact with your customers. If you fail to answer their queries or help them out, then they might start looking for a better company that would be reselling ISP services. You established a customer base. You did the marketing, and you managed to sell your services. Then to maintain your clientele, it is important that you get feedback from your clients.

You make sure that the service and the support your customers are getting from the ISP company are satisfied with it or not. 

The bottom line

If you want to become an IP reseller or ISP reseller, then we have discussed the steps of becoming one above. There is not much hassle or hard work if you want to start selling ISP services under your company name. Plus, this business is pretty profitable if you do it the right way.

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