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How Does Medicare Advantage Plan Works? A Complete Guide

A Medicare Advantage plan or Part C is another way of getting coverage of Medicare Part A and B. it is an alternative to traditional Medicare.

 Private insurance companies that offer this plan contract with the federal government to give health insurance benefits to those who qualify for Medicare.

 A lot of people buy Medicare Advantage plans 2023 in advance to get additional benefits. People should know that in the Medicare Advantage plan, approx. four in ten people are eligible for Medicare. 

The pros of Medicare part C

People can get multiple benefits with the Medicare Advantage plan. However, people should choose the plan according to their needs.

  • Potentially lower premium for coverage
  • Additional advantages can include a few subsidies or cost savings towards vision, hearing and dental care.
  • This plan offers an annual limit on media coverage and how much one may have to pay out of pocket for the hospital. In addition, this limit is decided by the Medicare Services and Medicare centers. In 2022, the limit is $7 550.

How do Medicare plans work?

Medicare Advantage plans are required to include benefits similar to Medicare Part A, which covers hospitalization and Doctor’s visit covered by Medicare Part B. 

Plus; these plans also add prescription drug services Part D. These plans also include benefits not covered by Medicare; they offer some savings on glasses, routine dental care, and hearing and eye exam aids. 

Service coverage in the Medicare Advantage plan

With a Medicare Advantage plan, people can get services like gym membership and discounts under fitness programs, cleanings and routine healthcare checkups. 

In addition, people can get more benefits from different plans. For example, a few plans provide service coverage such as health and wellness, over-the-counter drugs and transportation to doctor visits. 

Terms and conditions for Medicare Advantage plan

Each month the insurance companies get a fixed amount of money from Medicare. In addition, companies which offer Medicare Advantage plans must follow certain rules determined by Medicare.

People should know each plan has its own terms and conditions, so choose wisely the plan that fulfils all your requirements. In addition, they have different rules for how one gets services, such as:

  • If folks have to visit suppliers, doctors or facilities, plan for non-urgent or non-emergency care. 
  • Whether one needs a referral to meet with a specialist.

However, these rules can change every year.

How to choose the best part c plan?

People should understand their healthcare needs and take time to think about which plan is right for them. Furthermore, understand every plan’s offer.

 For example, if someone deals with a chronic health disease and wants the best services from a specialist and some facility, they can get these services under this one. 

On the other hand, suppose one takes prescription drugs; in this case, a few plans offer lower charges than others.

Some questions to ask the providers to evaluate the Part C plan

  • What benefits does every plan include?
  • What is the Medicare star rating of the plan?
  • Are all your prescription drugs covered? If they covered so, how much will they charge?
  • Do you have to get a referral to see the consultant?
  • Are your doctors covered in the plan?

Cost for Medicare Advantage plan?

It depends on various factors, like what one pays in Medicare Advantage plans 2023. In many cases, people will be required to use healthcare providers who participate in the plan’s network. However, some plans won’t cover those services outside the plan’s service area and network from the providers.

Keep in mind Part C plans have an annual limit on the client’s expenses for the services of Part B and Part A. people will pay nothing for Part B and Part A cover services once they meet the limit. 

Drug coverage in Medicare Advantage plans

Prescription drug coverage or Part D is included in most Medicare Advantage plans. In addition, people can join another Medicare drug plan with specific types of plans: 

  • Select not to offer drug coverage, such as private fee-for-service plans
  • Can’t provide drug coverage like Medicare Medical savings account plans

Clients will be disenrolled from their MA plan and returned to their Original Medicare if the following conditions:

  • One joins another Medicare Advantage plan
  • People are in HMO or PPO Medicare Advantage plan

If one joins an HMO or PPO that doesn’t cover drugs, one can’t join another Medicare drug plan. So in this specific case, either people will go without drug coverage or will need to purchase another drug prescription coverage plan.

How to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?

Once people have done research on getting the best plan and found a Medicare plan that fulfils their needs, there are numerous ways to enroll:

  • Use the finding tool of the Medicare plan to find the plan in your state or area. Then, click on the “Enroll” button.
  • Next,  if you can enroll online, go to the website to see the plan 
  • To get a paper enrollment form, contact the plan
  • Call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227)
  • Call the provider to get your desired plan 

One will need their Medicare Part A or Part B coverage start date and their Medicare number. In addition, before purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan, they have to enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B.

 You can only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan during your starting Enrollment period or when you first become eligible for Medicare. Remember, the Open Enrollment Period starts from October 15 to December 7. After enrolling on the plan, one can switch to another while Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment from January 1 to March 31 every year. 

Final words

Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan completely depends on your medical needs and personal situation. Buy the plan that comes under your budget and covers all factors you want. Check the services of all the plans, then determine which is best for you.

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