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How Much Does Smoke Damage Repair Cost?

Smoke damage begins on the walls. Porous materials like wood, vinyl, and fabric are more susceptible to smoke damage than hard materials, and may become saturated with smoke more quickly. Oftentimes, you will need to have a professional restore these materials. 

There are several things to keep in mind while choosing a company to restore your home. Read on to find out how much smoke damage Repair Company costs and how long it may take. Then, choose your company carefully.

Fire restoration

Fire restoration professionals from fire damage restoration Denver perform the necessary repairs to restore a home after a fire. Smoke and soot from a fire cause damage to materials throughout the home, leaving surfaces stained and smelling bad. Regardless of the type of material, fire damage restoration aims to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. 

The fire cleanup process is complex, but it can be done safely with the help of fire restoration professionals. Fire restoration professionals also eliminate standing water and moisture in affected areas, and they clean the smoke out of surfaces and furnishings. Fire smoke is toxic, and it is important to clean up soot as soon as possible.

Before contacting a fire restoration company, you should assess the extent of smoke, heat, and soot damage to your home. If the fire was caused by an electrical fire, these items are likely to have accumulated electricity. You should also remove any electrical appliances. This prevents any further contamination. 

Professional restoration services will remove damaged items and clean them thoroughly before replacing them. During this time, you may need to take photos of the affected areas and keep receipts of all purchases.

Smoke damage restoration

There are five main types of smoke damage that require restoration. These types are caused by different circumstances, fueling materials, and locations. Each type requires a slightly different process. Dry smoke may enter porous materials and cause a residue, as well as creating black soot. 

In addition, the smell of smoke may be pervasive and linger for some time. If you don’t act quickly to mitigate these types of damage, you may not be able to prevent permanent damage.

Before tackling a smoke damage restoration project, you will want to determine what is salvageable. Some items can be salvaged, but others will need to be replaced. In such cases, you may wish to create an inventory of what you can salvage and store. 

First, you will want to clean the personal items that were soaked in smoke. A heavy-duty cleanser, such as Trisodium Phosphate, is a good option. Simply mix the cleaning solution with water to remove the residue.

Cost of restoration

The cost of smoke damage restoration is largely dependent on the type of fire and the amount of soot and smoke damage. Simple fires, such as those originating from cooking oil, tend to produce little smoke, but more complex fires, involving synthetic materials and incomplete combustion, can leave significant amounts of soot and smoke. 

The type of fire extinguisher used can also influence the overall cost, because carbon dioxide extinguishers leave no toxic residues and do not contribute to the restoration cost.

The average cost of smoke damage restoration varies, but generally ranges from $200 to $1,400, depending on the size of the affected area and the kind of materials involved. Thermal fogging and ozone treatment may not be covered by insurance, but they can add to the total cost. 

The cost will also depend on the type of soot that’s present, which will likely be oily. Both soot types are problematic, but oily soot is more expensive to remove than dry soot.

Time frame for restoration

Smoke damage restoration begins after the water is removed and includes odor removal, which is the first step. Smoke damage odor will permeate numerous items in a home, so professionals will be able to remove it with different cleaning agents. Restoration will also include property-wide deodorizing techniques. 

Cleaning techniques will vary depending on the size and materials damaged. Whether you plan on cleaning the smoke-damaged items yourself or hiring a professional company, make sure you wear personal protective gear and gloves.

Once firefighters are finished, experts will begin testing the damage to determine the extent of the destruction. They will examine the framing and floors to determine whether they can be safely restored. Once the soot and water are removed, they will perform a second inspection to determine the type of reconstruction necessary to restore the house. 

Once the initial assessment has been done, a boarding house will be used to provide security and prevent further damage.

Identifying a professional restoration company

Whether you’re facing water damage, fire or smoke damage, the first step to restore your home is to identify a professional restoration company. A reputable company will inspect your home to assess its damage and determine what needs to be done to repair the problems. 

They will also inspect the contents of your home to determine what should be removed, discarded or packed away. Once you’ve identified the scope of the damage, you can discuss the cost of repairs and how long it will take.

After a fire, smoke damage can be quite extensive. If you’ve experienced smoke damage in the past, there are some steps you can take to limit further damage. Immediately remove items that are beyond repair. 

Be sure to unplug electrical appliances that may have been a source of the smoke. This will prevent any further contamination. The professional restoration company can clean these items for you. This is the most important step in restoring your home.

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