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How much is a beach house in Belize’s secret beach

Belize’s secret beach is a secluded getaway located on offshore islands. It’s known for its crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches. With a house on the beach costing anywhere from $200,000 to over a million, it’s no wonder this spot remains a mystery to most. Belize is known for its crystal-clear blue water and white sand beaches. However, few people know about the secret beach just a few miles from the mainland. This beach is an emerald green paradise with soft powdery sand, crashing waves, and lush jungle vegetation. The house on this beach is said to be worth over a million dollars.

What is a beach house in Belize’s secret beach?

Belize’s “secret beach” is a secluded getaway that can only be accessed by boat. It is understood for its clean blue waters and white sand beaches. The house that sits on the beach is known as the “Beach House.”

The Beach House was built in the 1940s by an American expatriate and has been in the same family ever since. Belizean entrepreneur Don Jose Sanchez now owns the property.

Beach houses are famous in Belize, a country with many beautiful beaches. It is not surprising then that a beach house is a secret beach. This is not a public beach where you can find hotels and restaurants. This is a secret beach, where you can find only the owners of the beach houses.

Location: The beach house is located in the town of San Pedro.

The beach house is located in the town of San Pedro. It is a secret beach and only accessible by boat or private entrance. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is white. There are also several coves to explore.


The price for a beach house in San Pedro is unknown. The price may range from $250,000 to $1 million. Location and size are the keys to finding the perfect beach house in San Pedro.

If you want a secluded beach house with stunning views, you’ll want to head to Turtle Bay or North Shore. These areas offer beautiful sandy beaches and plenty of privacy. If you’re looking for somewhere more populated with amenities, then look towards Miramar or Hopkins Bay Beach Houses. Regardless of which area you choose, be prepared to pay a high price tag as these houses tend to be in high demand.


The layout of the beach house is unknown. However, it is presumed to be an open-concept layout with plenty of space for guests to relax and enjoy the views. The walls are likely made of white or light-colored material, giving the home an airy feel. Whether or not there’s a pool or private beach access is also unknown, but with such stunning views, who wouldn’t want to take a dip?


Unknown features of the beach house. The beach house is a secret spot that few people know about. Many features make this place unique and exciting. Some of the unknown features of the beach house include the following: -There is a waterfall located in the back of the property. -The property is surrounded by jungle, which makes it feel like you’re in another world. -There is also a cave on the property that is perfect for exploring.

In conclusion, the author recommends that potential buyers inspect the beach house for unknown features before purchasing. They also suggest that home inspectors check for water damage, pests, and other issues. Homebuyers should also get a property insurance policy before buying, as beach houses are often vulnerable to floods and windstorms.

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