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How Pursuit Vehicles Will Help You Get the Shot

Here are five pieces of helpful advice, as well as some backstage tips on how to shoot a high-octane automobile chase scene without risking anyone’s life.

Cinema, especially in the United States, was almost designed around the vehicle chase. We’ve gotten our want and more. It’s an intense sequence of blaring engines and clammy hands that encapsulates decades of technological advancement in the business.

If this is your first time trying a vehicle chase scene (or your first time beginning production on a film period), remember that safety is your number one concern at all times. Keep everyone (actors, crew, vehicles, equipment, and the general public) as safe as possible at all times.

Orchestrating an automobile scenario that makes viewers sweat requires a disciplined, well-rehearsed, and inventive mind. Here are some of the most useful secrets and insider recommendations from seasoned pros.

1. You Must Take Charge of Your Circumstances

When shooting something as risky and historically out of control as a car chase, spending time on the screenplay will offer you the greatest control over your project, allowing you to obtain the finest shots possible.

This isn’t only true of the inside of your automobile or the frame of your camera. You’ll need to describe and lay out the whole set in order to exercise complete command over it. All the locations your camera will travel through are included here, as are the “buffer” sections surrounding the action that is there to prevent harm to the actors and crew in the event of a car accident.

2. Employ Skilled Help

Therefore, the second essential piece of advice is to choose qualified drivers. You should not ask inexperienced pals to execute dangerous driving stunts unless you are filming in a studio with a green screen.

Driving stunts professionally isn’t simply a good thing to do; it’s an art form that requires a commitment to safety. Hiring experts is your best choice if you care about finishing on time and avoiding accidents.

3. Toggle the Camera Around

Those automobile chases that employ a variety of camera viewpoints from various locations and perspectives are often regarded as the greatest. The potential outcomes are limitless. There is a wide variety of angles from which to choose even while in transit. Learn from the masters by observing their earlier works and making mental notes on the sequences you enjoy and why they work.

After establishing your foundation, you can begin developing your strategy by including both tried-and-true methods and novel approaches you have yet to see in action. As far as your primary protections are secure and under control, you are free to try new things.

4. Avoid Fixating on the Vehicles. Concentrate on the Events That Are Happening.

This is the foundation upon which action cinema is constructed. We don’t pay attention to Chuck Norris’s alligator boot when he performs a superb roundhouse kick. We follow what happens in the air just before the boot lands on the perpetrator and sends him or her flying out of view.

In the grand scheme of things, watching an automobile roll down the highway is just somewhat enjoyable. A vehicle accelerating to the point that it swerves, skids, and jumps a curb before plowing into an unlucky newsstand is another tale altogether.

The goal is to provide enough context so your audience may imagine something better than what you’ve delivered. This occurs in a wide variety of scenes, from reaction shots to off-camera screams to close-ups of errant automobile clutter.

5. Do as much “cheating” as you possibly can

Making production choices that maximize safety and creativity is where directors find the sweet spot. Using every production technique and camera cheat at your disposal is essential when you’re up against the mountain of challenges that comes with filming a difficult scene.

The behind-the-scenes footage of your shot should be as safe and dull as the result is thrilling and out of control if you’re doing it properly. Trailer rigs, automobile attachments, and film cars are indispensable for filming and broadcasting stunts that appear outstandingly wheels off and hazardous without putting anybody in harm’s way.

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