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How to Choose an Insurance Agency

A good insurance agent will offer you the correct advice on insurance coverage without overcharging you. A Garrettsville Insurance agency will also not charge you for any additional advice they provide you. Instead, they provide you with the best insurance coverage for your needs. Read on to find out more. Listed below are some tips to choose an insurance agency. Read on to learn more about Ellerhorst Insurance Agency and State Farm in Garrettsville. If you’re not pleased with the services offered by Garrettsville Insurance, here are a few things to consider.

Ellerhorst Insurance Agency

If you’re looking for a Garrettsville insurance agency, look no further. The Ellerhorst Insurance Agency LLC has been in business since 1915. In addition to being locally owned and operated, staff members support their local schools and participate in community events. With over 65 years of combined insurance experience, the Ellerhorst Insurance Agency in Garrettsville offers the same-person service that you have come to expect.

The Ellerhorst Insurance Agency in the Garrettsville, OH area provides insurance services to residents and businesses. The agency is part of the Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities Industry and employs 4 people. The agency has an estimated total of 1,800 contacts and $335,206 in sales each year. They’re proud to be a part of their local community and are active in many events.

For residents, an upcoming event will feature a presentation on the history of the Ohio canals by the Portage County Historical Society. In addition, guest speaker David A. Neuhardt will speak on the canals of the Ohio River. Admission is off, but donations will be accepted. And for those who work in agriculture, don’t forget to consider farm insurance. This type of insurance protects your business, not just your livelihood.

State Farm

If you are in the market for auto insurance in Garrettsville, OH, you can find a variety of options from State Farm. These plans offer coverage for everything from rideshares to rental cars. If you already have a home insurance policy through State Farm, you can save more money by combining both policies. Contact Shannan Jursa to learn more about these plans and how much you can save. State Farm Garrettsville insurance agents can answer all your auto and home insurance questions.

If you’re looking for a life insurance agent in Garrettsville, OH, consider Shannan Jursa. She has been in the financial services industry since 1922. State Farm Garrettsville, OH, is located at 412 S. Main St., making it easy to reach her by phone or online. You can even appeal a quote online to start your new policy. In addition, the personal property insurance quotes she provides can help you choose the best policy for your unique needs.

Car insurance rates in Garrettsville, OH, can vary greatly. Even a single speeding ticket, traffic accident, or DUI can raise your coverage. However, many Garrettsville car insurance agencies offer DUI driver discounts. Contacting your insurance agent to discuss your options will ensure that you get the best coverage possible for your needs. The state minimums for car insurance in Garrettsville, OH, are 25/50/25. While 25/50/25 may be enough for some drivers, you may want to consider purchasing more coverage.


Before choosing an insurance agent, you should check their credentials and licensure. A license is needed to sell Insurance in the state. An insurance agent in Garrettsville should also be familiar with the local area. If your insurance agent is not familiar with the area, he may not know the best resources for your needs. For example, he may be able to recommend local car rental companies or home contractors.

Another thing you should look for is their zip code. The higher the deductible, the cheaper the car insurance. Also, keep in mind that teens have higher rates than older drivers. This is because teenagers are seen as less responsible drivers than middle-aged people. Moreover, middle-aged drivers are likely to pay cheaper premiums. For this reason, you should be shopping around and comparing rates from different car insurance companies.

The state of Garrettsville has a high risk of accidents. This is why insurance agents in Garrettsville should know the specific type of risk involved. State Farm Insurance in Garrettsville, OH, can cover auto and home risks. You can save even more by combining your home and auto policies with State Farm. And because the state of Garrettsville requires the licensing of an insurance agency, you can rest assured that the license is valid.


The Ohio Division of Insurance has a consumer complaint center where consumers can submit their concerns. The site contains tools, information, and forms for filing a complaint. You can also learn about complaint ratios and specific types of complaints. In addition, you can search the resources by keyword or topic to find a complaint that is relevant to you. We also provide contact information for agencies and companies required by law to provide a written response to complaints.

If you are having a dispute with an insurance agency, keep meticulous records. Record each communication’s date and phone number and write down any relevant information. Keep copies of all correspondence and required documents. Remember to submit copies of all documents that support your complaint. You can also contact the Division of Consumer Protection if you have questions. The website will be updated when a resolution is reached. However, keep in mind that the whole process can take up to two weeks.

Benefits Of Hiring a Garrettsville Insurance Agency

Hiring an insurance agency in Garrettsville can provide a lot of benefits. In addition to offering, you a full range of insurance policies, you can save money by combining your home and auto policies with the same company. With Shannan Jursa’s help, you can get the car insurance coverage you need without breaking your budget. These benefits are just a few reasons to choose a Garrettsville insurance agency.

Independent insurance agencies are the best choice for most people looking for Insurance. Independent agents work for several insurance companies and offer you an array of insurance policies and savings. In addition, these professionals will remain on your side as your circumstances change and you need to adjust your coverage. By hiring an insurance agency, you can ensure that your policy is updated and will continue to meet your needs. Unlike an in-house agent, an insurance agency will also provide you with the peace of mind you need if something goes wrong.

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