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How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag for Your Commute

In an ideal world, we would all have the perfect work bag to support our weekday routines, letting us commute, work and relax seamlessly. But does that bag exist?

The answer is yes, but it takes effort to get there, and if you want to find it, it’s best to look past gender, and look to craftsmanship, quality and good, functional design. This means considering everything, from more high-end designer pieces to fabrics and all the way to the type of bags on the market. 

Here are some questions to consider before purchasing: 

How Do You Commute To Work? 

Comfort is largely determined by how you get to work. A breathable backpack will keep you the most comfortable if you walk or cycle a lot to get to work. Something more relaxed might work, whether you drive or take the bus. You’ll need something super-organized that lets you work while taking the train or bus if you like to stay productive during your commute.

What Do You Bring?

Consider your typical workday, not just what you do at work, but also what you do before and after. This is vital as the features of the bag and its size will be determined by what you bring. Do you need your laptop? If yes, you need a safe compartment. Do you bring activewear to go to the gym before work? Do you need a compartment to quickly find your work keys? Before you buy the bag, make sure you know exactly what you need to put in it to get the right size.

What Style Do You Want? 

Think about the world you work in. If you work in a formal setting a minimal, polished, yet distinct bag is great. If you work in a more casual setting, the options open up and you can choose between a larger variety. Once you understand this, you can look into styles of bags to suit you. 

Types of Common Commuter Bags

Top Choice: Backpack

Backpacks are a staple of workplaces everywhere. They carry vast quantities of objects, can be carried hands-free and work great for people commuting in every way possible, whether it be walking, cycling, skateboarding or just taking the train. 

Remember to consider the details, do you want padded straps or a cushioned laptop sleeve? Do you need a backpack that has a portable charger? From these details, think of the style. 

Best Unisex: Crossbody

Crossbody bags are possibly the hidden gem of work bags. You may not think of them as a work bag, but if you really don’t carry all that many things, or you want to remain minimal and hands-free, a crossbody bag is a fantastic choice. I see this bag most frequently on people who attend workplaces where all the resources are already there, and you’re more focused on just getting to work with ease.  

You can now get professional backpacks & crossbody bags made from excellent material at designer brands like Louis Vuitton Australia for a more formal look. 

Best for Corporate: Briefcase

Everyone wants to appear professional whether they are entering the office or attending a job interview. If you’ve ever seen someone carrying a briefcase in public, you probably know that it gives the impression that they are well-dressed and have a high-paying job. It can give the impression to some people that they are aware of what they are capable of and what they are doing. Just remember, that when it comes to longevity, investing in a briefcase is a great idea. It will be made with quality in mind, and this reflects on you. The better made the bag, the more it will last, and the sleeker you look as well. 

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