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How To Determine the Estimation of The Moving Cost?

While moving from one place to another place, the major matter of concern that everyone face is to shift the household and other belongings to the newly addressed place. Most of the time, people hire shipping companies to move their belongings. However, sometimes we spend a little more than unnecessary in such circumstances. So, here we are going to discuss a rough estimation of moving costs.

If you’re worried about your moving cost and looking for a moving cost calculator in Australia, then no need to worry as easy Peasy Removals is there with its amazing services for its customers in Australia. With the help of the calculator, you can easily make a rough estimation for your moving cost by simply filling in some parameters. However, the final cost is indicative and can be affected by other little factors. However, it is enough to get an idea for your next Australia move.

Factors to consider for the moving cost in Australia

  • Relocation distance: this factor is directly proportional to the moving cost. The greater the distance between the two locations the more will be the moving cost due to the time taken and fuel consumption. However, there are some more criteria:
  • If the distance lies within 50 miles radius or less than it, then it is considered local shipping and the cost depends on the time taken
  • If it is more than 50 miles then it is considered a long-distance shipment and the cost is based on the weight of the shipped belongings.
  • Size and weight: greater the amount and weight of the households, the more will the Moving cost. As it will need more movers and vehicles to ship the households to the shipping point. Also, extra charges might need for the heavy and fragile households as they need extra care and people to ship them safely.
  • Unique instances: sometimes you may have to pay extra charges for other factors which depend on your Australian home. In case the elevator is there or if not then they have to move the things through stairs which take more strength and time. The distance between the street and the final place may also take extra charges.
  • Extra services: some Australian moving services offer extra services to deal with your antique and fragile households. For which they may charge some extra amount.

Tips to save from extra charges

  • Pack and unpack the things by yourself only
  • You can buy the packing materials on your own instead of asking them for this.
  • You can move the small belongings before moving to the other households by yourself.
  • Move your pets and your antique things before the final moving of the rest belongings.
  • You can add labels to the items so that the movers don’t have to give extra time to their service.
  • The moving cost is more in the night time and between May to September, hence try to avoid the moving by this time, and choose a time when the prices are low.
  • Check for the other discounts.


By making a rough estimation, you can make a better plan to move your belongings and also can avoid extra charges.

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