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How to Do Postcard Marketing Effectively

Many business owners today turn their focus to digital marketing. They move away from conventional marketing techniques, but they shouldn’t. When traditional and marketing efforts are combined, they see the best results. 

Postcard marketing is a good example of a conventional marketing technique that produces excellent results when done right. Business owners need to look at advertising with a postcard as a way to bring more traffic to a website or generate high-quality sales leads. What should a company do to have a successful postcard marketing campaign? 

Choose the Right Targets

Don’t waste money sending postcards to people who will never buy the product or service. Focus efforts on those who are most likely to make a purchase and have acted on similar offers in the past. For instance, get the mailing list of individuals who subscribe to a certain publication or those who have requested information about a similar product or service. 

Make the Message Concise

Don’t put excessive information on the postcard. Allow the message to stand out by keeping it short and sweet. This helps to grab the reader’s attention and ensures they get the desired message. If readers have to dig through the weeds to find the selling point, the postcard loses effectiveness. 

Pay for Upgraded Postage

Many companies choose to use standard mail when sending postcards. However, consumers respond better to postcards sent using first-class mail. This is only one of several benefits seen when using first-class mail as opposed to a bulk option. 

Consider the Postcard’s Appearance

People don’t get postcards like they used to. As a result, when they see one in their mailbox, and it looks like it comes from a friend, they are more likely to glance at it. Even when they find out that the postcard isn’t from a friend, they are inclined to look at it. The thought that it was from someone they knew has elicited a positive emotional response, and the company benefits from that positive feeling. 

Send Mailings at the Right time

Postcards should arrive at a consumer’s home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Mail volume is lighter on these days, which increases the likelihood of the consumer seeing the postcard and reading it. They have fewer pieces of mail to distract them. Monday is the worst day of the week to have a postcard delivered, as mail volume is at its highest that day, and people are already overwhelmed by tasks at the beginning of the week. 

Don’t Try to Make a Sale

The goal of a postcard is to generate interest. Leave the sales pitch until the consumer contacts the company for more information. There’s not enough space on a card of this size to share the necessary information to close the deal. Postcards are meant to generate sales inquiries. State the benefits of the offer, include a call to action, and prominently display the company website or phone number. That’s enough on a postcard and prevents it from overwhelming the reader. 

While digital marketing efforts produce outstanding results, every company needs to incorporate traditional marketing techniques into its overall advertising strategy. Postcard marketing brings consumers to a website and generates new sales leads. With the help of the tips mentioned above, any company can increase the success of postcard campaigns. Try them today to see outstanding results. 

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