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How To Know Number One Rockwell Take Up at 60%

“Number One Rockwell is 60% sold as of New Year’s Eve , 2006,” announced Val
Sliven, Rockwell Land Corporation (Rockwell) vice chairman for Sales and Marketing.

Pre-selling of Rockwell’s signature project started in January 2006. And within
one year, the Rockwell Sales and Marketing Team have already sold quite half the units available at the two-tower condominium.

Added Sliven, “Number One Rockwell East Tower, the building that’s shaped
like a lightning rod, is almost sold out at 73% while the West Tower, which was launched in the fourth quarter of 2006 is 32% sold. That means quite 700 units are sold out of over 1,200 units for the 2 towers.”

Number One Rockwell is about to interrupt ground within the half-moon of this year.

Construction of the two-tower project is scheduled to commence in July 2007.
“We are already witnessing movement at the project site, with on-going
preparations for Number One Rockwell’s groundbreaking.

Rockwell executive offices and variety of breakfast favorites have already been transferred to dam 09, Rockwell Drive,” said Sliven.

Demolition of existing structures at the Number One Rockwell site is on-going.
The area has been cleverly fenced-off with a trendy “breathing wall” that deviates from the standard iron construction fences.

“Number One Rockwell is our signature project,” Sliven enthused.
She added, “It are going to be at the gateway of Rockwell Center and can be a
statement in itself. We’ve pulled out all the stops to form this project stand above the remainder .”

At 55-storeys high, favorite Rockwell is actually an iconic structure that might forever change the Makati skyline.

“The unusual geometric sort of favorite Rockwell’s two towers is simply one among the various innovations we’ve introduced to the property market. Number One Rockwell’s revolutionary architectural design may be a pioneering effort to bring the local property development at par with global standards,” said So liven.

Number One Rockwell also boasts of a ground level retail plaza, a raised circular driveway to afford residents and their guests more privacy and first-of-its-kind roof top amenities like an infinity pool that appear to pour out the side of the building.

This signature project also introduces the first-ever Z-shaped residential units, which affords you two opposing views from one end of the building to a different . The units open up to double-height floor-to-ceiling windows as you enter the space . The second floor takes you across the building to the other side for an entire different view.

Number One Rockwell is slated for completion in 2010.

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