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How to Make a Resignation Letter Step by Step

If you have ever thought of leaving your job voluntarily, it would be convenient to make a written notice. That’s precisely what a resignation letter is about: stating your desire to quit your job, the reasons, and making the dates clear and the details. To avoid problems with all these issues, we have prepared this article review example on how to make a letter of resignation step by step. 

When to write a resignation letter?

A resignation letter formally expresses a voluntary resignation made unilaterally by the employee. The idea of leaving a job, the reasons, and details about the connection to the company must be unambiguous, so the resignation letter must be well-written.

An interesting aspect is that there is no obligation to express the resignation in writing, so the resignation letter is an optional procedure. However, it is always a good decision to put it on record. Proceeding to a standard delivery can avoid problems, inconveniences, and misunderstandings. In short, writing and delivering a resignation letter is the best way to leave a job voluntarily, for whatever reasons the employee may have (usually economic).

Thus, an employee has the right to terminate the employment relationship. However, he/she must respect specific notice periods. These deadlines are expressed in the employment contract itself, although it is usually about 15 days. Otherwise, it may even result in compensation to the company for damages.

The employee must take into account any special provisions in terms of the employment contract or collective bargaining agreement and ensure that each and every one of them is complied with before proceeding to the voluntary resignation through the resignation letter.

What a resignation letter must contain?

A resignation letter should be structured in about 3 or 4 paragraphs. In other words, its length should not exceed one sheet (one side) of A4 size paper. It is recommended to use a formal font (such as Times New Roman or Calibri), with a size of 12 points. The document’s body should also be justified on both sides of the sheet.

But also remember that this is not an academic letter, and the standards for writing it are much lower than, for example, for writing a scientific research. Still, if you’re feeling uneasy or worried about grammar, you can get the help of an essay writer free online. He will help you edit the letter you have already written and correct mistakes.

The document is personal. In other words, it is a statement made by ourselves. Therefore, writing the paper conjugating the verbs in the first person indicative is advisable. The style should be serious and professional.

At the beginning of the document, it is essential to indicate the place and date, together with the sender’s name and contact details. The signature will go at the end. It is also important not to forget to show the company’s data to which the letter is addressed and the corresponding department.

After the opening salutation, the body of the letter should contain an elementary, clear and direct statement of the resignation and the reasons that have led us to take this decision. All this can be in the first paragraph.

The following paragraph develops the previous one, indicating the date on which the job will be abandoned (without forgetting the notice) and the commitment to continue performing the work diligently until that moment arrives.

Finally, closing with a paragraph expressing gratitude for the job opportunity is advisable to indicate that the intention to leave the company is not a personal matter. A farewell sentence should follow this paragraph.

How to submit a letter of resignation?

To whom is the resignation letter to be given? This is a good question. Usually, if you work in a small company, you may be able to hand it directly to the person in charge. Moreover, this person may be known to the employee and perfectly accessible (sometimes it can be given to the employer himself, i.e. the manager or owner of the company). In this case, there is no major inconvenience.

However, when working in a large, highly structured, and departmentalized company, where the person responsible for this type of procedure is unknown, the most logical thing is to give the letter to the direct superior. Afterward, the letter should be sent through the regulatory channels to the person responsible for human resources. It is also possible that the employee may request an audience or ask who the person responsible is for delivering the letter by hand.

It is essential to always keep a copy, once the letter has been delivered, with the signature of the person to whom it is given as an acknowledgment of receipt.

How to make a letter of resignation step by step:

We have previously discussed how to make a resignation letter. Now we will look at the procedure step by step. It is very simple:

Before drafting

The applicant must bear in mind the reasons, the notice period, and all the special provisions we have mentioned. It is advisable to have everything clear and structure before starting the drafting.

Start with the date and data

It seems trivial, but in reality, it is common to forget that the letter of resignation must include the details of the sender and the addressee (employee and company). This can lead to misunderstandings if you do not know to whom it is addressed or who is declaring the resignation.


If the person to whom the resignation letter is addressed is known, his or her name and surname should be included. Otherwise, a standard formula can be used (“Dear Mr / Ms”; “To whom it may concern”; etc.).


It is essential to be clear and direct in the statement of leaving the job. The reasons and dates should also be clearly stated. Thanks should not be forgotten. In short, the three or four paragraphs described above.

Farewell and signature

This depends on the company and the contact you have with the recipient. We must keep in mind at this point to maintain a formal style.

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