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How To Make a Web Page Or Website

You want a web page for you or your company? Well i will tell you how to get it. Making a web page is a project that can take some time. And since we are all economists we will follow four steps to achieve our goal with minimum time and maximum effect (i have described for basic functions of good management here) . As you can find out from the title, we will make plans in this article so once we start working, we will get the best web page on the world, with laouto of visitors.

First we need to know why do we want a web page. So with other words, we need to know what will the content be. If we want a web page to sell cars, we will have a car content web page with an option of ordering cars or with an option of getting information’s about where to order them.

Once we know what the content will be, we have to decide who this content will be for! It’s just like in “real life” business, we need to choose our target group. We need to know what will our visitors look like, because we will adjust the content and design to them. And by design i do not mean just the colors we will use, also the position of information’s on our site and the way on which this information’s will be presented. To edit image online, we can use Adobe express to remove background from an image or to create a logo for the website

Once we have both (content and target group), we need to decide how much money are we willing to spend. Price range of web sites is from 0 to 50.000 euros (for new sites, old ones – the ones with well known brand or something, like youtube.com –  can go up to few millions). Once we decide what our budget will be, we need to split it up on two parts. We will use one for coding the site and other one for promoting the site. We can however decide to go into free advertising, such as link exchanges and stuff like that, but we will talk about this later on in next articles.

The last thing to decide is whether we will make it all on our own or hire someone to do it for us. Learning how to code a web site can take a lot of time. It is fun though, but i am not sure how many of you have enough time to learn something like that (for a really basic site, you will need at least few days of hard work). So I suggest you hire someone to code it up for you. In case you decide to make it on your own, you will need to buy some hosting (computer that is connected to the internet 24/7-relatively cheap; something like 30 $ for one year for a small site) and a domain name. But we will talk more about getting those in next step along with how to build a web site, how to choose a right hosting for your site and stuff like that.

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Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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