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How to Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better and Unique

Gaming setups need to be comfortable and inviting if you want to be able to play video games for hours without getting a backache. You may have the best gaming chair, a computer with stellar specs, and a reliable internet connection like Cox cable and internet. However, that is not all that you need. You have to think creatively if you want your gaming area to look unique and stand out from the rest of the house.

Most gaming computers come with neon lights and gaming chairs can also have extravagant designs. So, you need to make sure that you match the rest of the aesthetic with your basic equipment. Here are some ideas that can level up your gaming setup.

#1: Get Rid of Cords

One of the most off-putting things about your gaming area can be the cords. There is so much equipment and usually not enough space. So, cord management should be your top priority when setting it up. Not only is that the practical choice to make, but it will also help you clear up most of the clutter. Make sure that your table has slots for the wires to go through so you don’t have a bunch of them dangling in your feet. Moreover, there are cord holders and special tapes that can help you hold them properly in one area. Once you clear and sort all the wires, your gaming area will start looking better already.

#2: Get a Proper Gaming Desk

A gaming desk is more than just a table for your computer to sit on. Gaming desks are specialized to fit the most equipment and cables without making a mess. Moreover, they have specialized compartments for each piece of equipment and you can fit everything where it belongs. However, there are certain things that you should consider before getting one. Make sure you measure the space you have for the table. You don’t want one that is too small or way too big for your room. Moreover, the table should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of all the equipment you plan to put on it. 

One of the most interesting choices for a gaming desk is a standing desk option. The desk slides up and goes from a sitting to a standing position. It can be a great investment as the adjustable desk means you don’t have to sit for hours. You can shift to standing mode and give your shoulders and back some rest.

#3: Invest in a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair can help with maintaining a healthier posture and also make your gaming setup look more professional. The chairs have exceptional lumbar support and you won’t even feel that you have been sitting on them for hours. They also provide head support so your shoulders don’t feel strained and weak. Moreover, gaming chairs can have pretty over-the-top designs and they can add a design flair to your setup as well. So, pick a gaming chair that makes a statement. 

#4: Buy a Unique Gaming Playmat 

If you don’t have a playmat, your gaming setup can look boring. If you want to add more design elements to your area, a playmat can spruce it up instantly. They are quite affordable as well and you can customize them according to your liking. For example, you can add snippets from your favorite game or neon abstract designs on your mat. They also add practical value to your gaming setup as they are made for rough use and can help with the smooth gliding of your mouse.

#5: Add Shades and Colors

Whether your gaming setup is in front of a window or behind it, you will need window shades or blinds. The light can produce a glare on your screen and can be very distracting during gameplay. Moreover, the curtains are just another medium for you to express your creativity. Use this space to add more colors to your gaming setup. You don’t want your area to look drab and grey. Instead, pick some bright colors that can lift up your mood and match the aesthetic of everything else in the room.

#6: Add Some Greenery

At the first look, most of your gaming setup will look like a bunch of cords, screens, headgear, and other equipment. This can make it look dystopian and depressing after a while. Adding some plants to the mix can improve the look a lot more than you think. Pick some low-maintenance plants like succulents or imitation plants so you don’t have to take care of them too much. They can refresh the look of your gaming setup and add some life to it.

Go the extra mile to make your gaming PC setup look well-kept and unique. If the place looks spick and span, it can improve your gameplay as well. Have fun with the décor and make sure to keep it tidy.

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