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How to Pick Your Body Perfect Bikini

Shiney sun and sea sides are calling. You may be looking for some attractive wear that will make you noticeable among everyone. Whether you are cute and chubby or tiny and tall, you have the right to look dazzling every time. This time explore the beauty of your figure, with a trendy high-waisted cheeky bikini, or stylish strapless bikini. 

Try the Wide Range of Bikinis

There are various kinds of bikinis available to make you look perfect. Now you need to understand why you must choose the specific bikinis. Also, one may find all the variety to pick the perfect one on the website of Kameymall. 

  • Multi-String Bikini

If you have flaunting shoulder bones, a multi-string bikini will ideally suit you. This type of bikini has a bra attached with multiple straps to give a perfect finish and attractive look. You will also get a modern touch when it would give you a halter-type finish. This stylish multi-string bikini gives a simple but stylish look in place of regular bikinis. 

  • Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

A lady with a well-maintained body with properly curved busts or who want to try a covered look with small busts, then nothing will suit you except a strapless bikini. This kind of bra looks the same as a tube top. It also helps to highlight the busts attractively. Trying a staples bikini can provide one with a more revealing look than regular time. 

  • Microkini

 Wanna try a sensual look on the beach? Which will make everyone’s eye stuck on you? Then Microkini is the perfect kind of bikini you can try. It would provide a mostly reveled look that would make you noticeable. So to try a microkini bikini, you may have the confidence to carry it. Petite women or Hourglass-shaped women can create an elegant and perfect look by trying this bikini.

  • Tankini

 One can try a decent but stylish look with a tankini. It is a tube top type bikini with stings to make the thing more perfect. From a pool party to beach fun, tankini will make you look perfect every time. No matter what is your body type, it is suitable for everyone. Also, one will get exact coverage and well-shaped busts with a tankini. 

  • High Neck Bikini 

 Do you have heavy busts and thinking to get choose the best bikini for your pool activity? The high-neck bikini is perfect for you. It provides full coverage. Also, it comes with some different designs in the middle that create a stylish look. It will be the perfect pickup if you are going to do any pool activity or pool sports. High-neck bikini can give you a comfortable feeling all day long.

  • High-waisted cheeky bikinis 

It is time to spread some more hotness on the beach. High waisted cheeky bikini provides an elegant finish providing an elongated look with your legs. A proper combo of high-waisted cheeky bikinis with correct accessories can make everyone’s eye stuck on you. 

Not only a stylish look high waisted cheeky bikini is super comfortable. If you have a chubby figure and want to hide your tummy, this will also help you hide it and make it look flat. Also, the bottom part is designed with flat two-layer elastic, that does not dig in. Moreover, it would not slip while you are enjoying your pool activity. If you have stretch marks on your tummy, then this will also cover that. So you may choose this perfect combination of high-waisted cheeky bikinis for style and comfort. 

  • Sling Bikini 

Try a sensual look with Sling Bikini. It is a bikini but available in the one-piece format. It will not provide coverage to your tummy and back. However, it is connected with a very slim strap to give an unexpected look. If you have a well-maintained body with a slim waist, perfectly curved busts, shaped hip, and flat tummy, this bikini is especially for you. Do not think more pick this item today for you. 

  • Fringe Bikini 

Get a little more volume in your bikini outfit with Fringe Bikini. It will provide very less coverage but one of the most sensual looks you have ever tried. Apple, Pear-shaped women may avoid this kind of bikini as they could feel uncomfortable. But if you are ready to carry what you love then surely you can go for it.  

  • Flounce Bikini 

To get a cute but elegant look one may try Flounce Bikini. It is designed with flounced halter line. That gives a perfect look for those who have small busts. 

  • Skirtini

Want to go on a pool date and make the best impression about your fashion sense? Then give it a try to Skirtini. This is designed with an elegant bikini on the top and a skater skirt in the lower portion. It would be a perfect pick for slim women. 


I hope, you get a perfect idea about which bikini type you have to choose. Now let’s clear where you have to go and pick the best bikini type for you. Look elegant and sensual every time. Glow every day with your bright beauty with Kameymall.

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