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How to Purchase Gold Jewellery for Wedding: A Guide

Gold is the smartest investment in the jewellery industry today. It exudes class and luxury and indicates financial stability. As the actual money value is backed by this precious metal, it is in great demand everywhere. With unpredictable rises and inflation in the market, gold is sturdy protection in opposition to various other uncertainties. With lots at stake, you need to know how to purchase gold jewellery before you visit a shop to buy them for your wedding. 

Be familiar with the purity levels

If you have heard about 24 karats, you probably know that it denotes the purity of the gold. The rule is that the gold value is in proportion to the purity; thus the purer it is, the higher its value is. However, it doesn’t mean that you should always opt for higher purity levels when you wish to purchase gold. You need to consider other significant exceptions such as the following. 


Pure gold is soft and so it can be easily damaged. If you wish to sport it on a daily basis, then you should opt for low karat pieces. They range around 12 or 14 karats. Low-karat pieces are equally made of gold and various other metals that make them stronger. It is ideal to purchase 10 and 12-karat pieces from an online store to buy gold rings and bracelets as they are often exposed to friction against rigid surfaces. For earrings and necklaces, you should opt for 14 – 18 karats as they are safe against knocks and bumps. High karat pieces ranging from 18-24 karats are perfect for special events, occasions, parties and ceremonial events. 


You need to ask yourself “Is the golden alloy good enough for me?” Besides the purpose of wearing the jewellery, you need to consider other cases too. Gold jewellery may include metals other than gold. One common metal that is often mixed in a piece of gold jewellery is nickel. It makes the golden jewellery stronger however it is an issue for individuals with nickel allergies. If you are one amongst them, then it is ideal to select jewellery with an elevated percentage of gold content. You can go with 18 karat purity.

Evaluate the gold quality

Since your jewellery appears to be made of gold, it doesn’t indicate that it really is. There are some exquisite gold jewellery pieces that are made up of 24-karat solid gold. However, there are others that people call gold plated and gold-filled jewellery and you must know the dissimilarity when you buy gold for your wedding. 

Know the alloys and colours

Unadulterated 24-karat gold looks yellow however it is not practical to buy pure gold always since it is soft, expensive and malleable. This is the reason jewellers come up with a process to blend gold with various stronger metals. As these items are typically not above 18-karat gold, other metals often tend to influence the yellow colour and produce an alloy with a new colour.

Reputable jewellers

The simplest way to come across quality gold is to visit a well-known and trusted shop that has the latest gold jewellery catalogue. They have a good reputation as a trustworthy dealer who sells products that are of high quality. However, the stores often tend to put considerably higher premiums on the products and this turn some buyers off. 

If you wish to opt for a budget-friendly vendor, you need to look for independent vendors who sell exquisite jewellery pieces. You need to be cautious too. You need to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy dealer by checking their certificates and credentials.

You need to explore other stores and evaluate prices. Certainly, it may appear ideal to purchase jewellery impulsively, particularly the one that straight away speaks to you. However, the fact is that you might find the same item somewhere else at a more reasonable price.

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