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How to Recognize Remote Employees in 2022

With the world moving online, and more and more people working remotely, it has become more and more challenging for companies to manage their employees. 

Although platforms are available to ease communication and manage productivity and projects remotely, recognition and appreciation have become trickier. 

In the past, in-person awards and recognition meetings were available to thank employees for their good work. But, as everything has gone online, and teams now communicate virtually, it is a bit trickier to thank employees spread out across the world. 

So, we thought we would take a look at a few small gift ideas for employees who work remotely. Luckily for you, in this day and age of remote working, there are tons of options for you to celebrate your hard-working, remote team. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ones. 

Get Gifts Delivered 

eCommerce has absolutely accelerated over the last few years. What was a continuously growing industry simply exploded during COVID-19 and is now growing from strength to strength. 

eCommerce has also made gift-giving that much easier and affordable. So, if you want to send something to your valued employees, there are numerous platforms for you to choose from. Simply look up some great small gift ideas, such as luxury gold-plated pen, and find a platform that can deliver them to your employees.

Make sure that your gift comes from the heart. Not really sure what to give your employees? If you want to be safe, you can go for something functional. As mentioned, you can give them each a luxury gold-plated pen. You can even make your gift more personal by engraving it with their respective names.

Of course, functionality is not the only consideration you should make. If you know your employees’ interests, you may base your gift on that. For example, a customized scotch gift basket is perfect for employees who love to drink hard liquor during their rest days.

Just remember though that you will need to be aware of different regions and areas of the world. While you may think that you can simply hop on Amazon and pick out a whole bunch of gifts and get them delivered, the fact of the matter is that they don’t deliver in some countries. So, it may be worth your while doing some research first and finding local platforms that deliver to your employees. 

Provide Them With Virtual Gift Cards

Why don’t you choose something that will allow them to pick their own gift? In many cases, you may simply not know what the employee likes or know what taste they have, so give them the option of choosing for themselves. 

Most stores provide virtual gift cards, so you can pick out a retailer, choose an amount and let them choose their own gift. 

You can work around your budget, it is quick, easy, and efficient. And, at the end of the day, the employee won’t be left with something they do not want.

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Gift Them Online Classes or Courses 

Along with most of the world, a ton of classes and training have gone virtual. Everything from educational conferences and workshops to yoga and personal training is now available online should you wish to join. So, why not gift your employee something they would want online. 

It is important to know what you want to achieve with these gifts. Do you want to help upskill your employee a bit with it? Or, would you solely like to provide them with a personal gift that they will love? 

In many cases, companies have provided their employees with subscriptions to classes to help them improve their skills. Things like Adobe classes, graphic design tutorials, or classes to help sharpen their skill sets. Others have given a month’s subscription to things like yoga or personal training classes. 

Decide what you want to achieve with the gifts. But, also be aware that if you provide a work-based gift, your employee may not feel as recognized as they would with a personalized gift that they can use for themselves. 

Send Them on an Experience 

Just because your employees are remotely working for you, doesn’t mean everything needs to be online. In fact, real experiences are certainly coming back with a vengeance as people are craving real-life experiences and interactions after two years of COVID-19. 

So, why not look at what is offered around your employees’ area and send them on a never-to-be-forgotten experience. The following are some ideas that you can consider: 

  • Sports tickets for their favorite sports; 
  • Music, concert, or theater tickets; 
  • Car racing or track experiences; 
  • Cooking classes
  • Art or pottery classes; 
  • Yoga or similar personal classes; 
  • Helicopter flights, bungee jumping, skydiving; 
  • Yacht trips;
  • Luxury, five-course dinner evenings;
  • A paid meal for dinners or lunches. 

The options are endless. But it is worth your time knowing what your employees like and what they really appreciate. So, do some research first and make it unforgettable. 

The Bottom Line 

In order to make your employees feel recognized, you will need to consider your gifting carefully. What do they need to get out of it? Will they feel like their efforts for the company are recognized and being reciprocated by the gift? It is also important to know something about the employee before gifting. A bottle of wine to a non-drinker is not appropriate. So, know your employee.

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