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How You Can Generate Roofing Leads?

Roofing leads can be one of the best ways you can generate good leads for your roofing business. You can generate these leads from homeowners and referrals from other roofing companies that may have used your business’ services before. In most cases, the homeowners tend to refer to local roofing companies. 

Remember that these leads can be generated when potential customers talk to any employee in your company who handled a specific project. This person can tell their friends, family members, colleagues, and many more what your employee did and why they decided to use your roofing company. You can decide to buy roofing leads or use various other ways to generate leads. This article discusses how you can generate roofing leads. 

Incentivize referrals from current customers

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways you can get new business. Referrals from current customers can offer you a great chance of having exclusive leads that need roofing services right away. Therefore, you need to have a system that makes it attractive and easy for commercial roofing customers and homeowners to refer potential customers to your roofing business.

For example, you can give a monetary referral bonus for current customers who send potential customers your way. You can also offer a discount to potential customers. Also, you can give a discount to clients who offer an online review or testimonial of their experiences with your roofing business.

Another good way of generating leads is to reach out to satisfied clients from the previous years. You can ask them if they know any person or business owner who is looking for roof replacement, roof repair, or roof installation. In such cases, you can inform them about your referral bonus program.  

It’s a good idea to have a referral bonus program, but marketing the referral program can be the key to success. You can educate your clients about your referral program in various ways. For instance, you can simply talk to your clients about the referral program. Alternatively, you can create a handout that has the details in writing. You can also distribute referral cards so that the clients can share them with their friends and family members.  

Create a good Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is essential for making sure that potential clients do a local search in your roofing service area. When they search, they can find your roofing company online.

Today, you don’t have to look for businesses on the yellow pages. Instead, many people prefer using Google to find the services or products they need. Remember that a Google Business Profile refers to the standardized listing that appears when you Google some businesses. It can include the name of the business, physical address, hours of operation, phone number, website link, and many more.

Some potential customers may not go beyond your Google Business Profile to search for your business. This is the reason why you need to have a complete and highly optimized Google Business Profile.

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