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Importance of Email Marketing For Small Business

If you have a blog, probably you have a loyal group of readers, or you will get them soon. If you basically write every single tip or idea on your blog, and share all your genius secrets, what is the difference between regular/loyal readers and first time readers?

I thought about this a lot, and honestly I wasn’t sure if an email marketing was necessary for a blog, but then I decided to offer extra tips, insider information to online marketing and business, and also share some tools/websites which I use personally to only my loyal readers. Therefore I’ve setup an email marketing system, and I will be sending my insider tips once month.

If you are into online marketing and would like to get insider tips from me (and a lot of surprises, specials, free tickets, gifts, etc.), then please subscribe to my newsletter here:

Believe me, I HATE spam, and am tired of spam. I change my personal email address every six months, and don’t know what to do about reducing the spam I’ve been receiving every day. You can also find out who is the true owner of the email through email lookup tools. I’ll not share your email address, and I’ll email you MAX once a month.

My first newsletter will be about “How I made thousands of dollars with ONLY one keyword”. I will even share the keyword, and all the details about what I did. This is how my online marketing journey has started, and you will get all the insider info directly from me.

P.S. I’ve recently signed up with Aweber for managing my email marketing lists and email broadcasts (also follow-ups), and I have LOVED this system. It’s a hosted solution, and full of advantages. If you’d like to start your email marketing, I’d highly recommend Aweber. I will write a detailed review about Aweber, and even add some video tutorials.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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