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Improve Your Listings with Single Property Websites

Being successful in the real estate industry, especially in today’s day and age, requires staying in line with the marketing trends and using technology to your advantage. 

And one of the most important real estate marketing tools that growth-oriented real estate agents and realtors must use is a single-property website. Single property websites of your listings help in making them stand out from the crowd. How?

Let’s understand.

What is a Single Property Website?

A single-property website is a website or micro site dedicated to a single property available for sale or rent. The purpose is to create a dedicated digital space where potential buyers are not distracted by other properties. 

Single property websites consist of every minute detail of the property, including:

  • Amenities 
  • Area details
  • Floor plans
  • Photo gallery
  • Virtually staged images for unfinished or unfurnished properties
  • 3D virtual tours
  • Property videos
  • Social media connections, etc. 

The website can display everything you wish to showcase about your property to attract buyers. 

Benefits of a Single Property Website

There are many reasons why realtors must use a single-property website as a real estate marketing tool.

  • Complete Focus on Your Listing

When you list the details of your property on a third-party listing platform, buyers are continuously interrupted with suggestions of other properties. This can end up confusing them and taking their attention away from your listing. 

With a single-property website, you can ensure that your potential buyers or tenants are completely focused on your listing. This enables them to interact with the listing so that they can make up their mind without being distracted.

  • Right Buyer Targeting

Not all people checking out listings on generic listing websites are interested or close to making a purchase. But with a single-property website, you can target the right people who are willing to invest their time in researching properties. 

Moreover, you can direct the visitors to your single-property website to your main website, which can contribute dramatically to increasing your Google rankings.

  • Personalization of Listings

Generic listing platforms have a single theme that all realtors and real estate agents must follow to show their listings. This means that you cannot possibly showcase everything you would like, for example, 3D renderings or virtual tours. 

But with a single-property website, you can have more control over what your potential buyers see. For example, you can showcase the best features of your listing with an attractive banner on the home page to capture your visitors’ attention right away. Similarly, you can add virtual tours to make the entire experience more immersive. 

  • More User Friendly

A concern with third-party listing websites is that users may accidentally click on something and be directed to a different property listing. But with a single-property website, you don’t need to be worried about this. 

The entire website is dedicated to a single property, so no matter where the user clicks, they will only find more information about the property. 

  • Increased Sales Price and Profits

A single-property website allows you to make your listing more attractive and detailed with photos, videos, virtual staging, 3D rendering, and even virtual tours. This can give you an edge even among the huge competition, making your property stand out. 

This can help you to get your visitors interested in the listing. Moreover, when you have a good number of interested people and a solid marketing strategy, you can sell your properties quickly and make more profitable deals. 

  • Easy and Cost-Effective Marketing

Having a single-property website created is not an expensive job. It is further cost-effective since you can get your property virtually staged and save the cost of actually furnishing it for staging purposes. You also save a lot on professional photography since the pictures would be touched and perfected digitally. 

From bright and professional photos to property videos and 3D tours, you can get all of it done for your single-property website at a very reasonable price. 

Single-property websites are the need of the hour for real estate professionals who are looking to up their marketing game. They make your listings stand out while also helping you build up your brand image. 

So, look for a professional based on factors such as price, reviews, client history, quality of work, delivery time, etc. 

I hope this was helpful!

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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