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India Prohibits Tiger Tourism as a Protective Measure

The tiger tourism is an expensive entertainment that has become a status symbol. However, tourism will significantly be restricted because the Supreme Court of India has recently announced a series of measures to prohibit tourist activities in the reserves of tigers in the country.

This has been known in a press release that the court said that states have not created protection zones in the habitat of tigers will be subject to severe penalties.

India is home to more than half of existing tigers worldwide, which in numbers, means about 3,200 copies most of whom live. From the year 1970, reserves created especially for the conservation of the endangered tiger, which tourism is a side effect.

The reserves are small and are affected by the disruption caused by tourism can not compete with large African savanna parks that are able to withstand a lot of people.

People do not realize the damage they inflicted on the ecosystem: hundreds of hotels, shops, businesses and tourist entertainment initiatives operating within the reserves in order to provide visitors the opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat.

Tourists, whether in vehicles or mounted on the backs of elephants, destroys the tall grass, and drive the big cats prey that hunt for food.

This measure certainly hurt some interests, and will affect tourists who had already booked their place in one of the many hotels that have been established from the tigers tourism.

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