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If you want to save taxes legally, you must consult an experienced and qualified introhive 100m psg 140m wiggersventurebeat tax attorney. The attorney you choose to offer tax help Dallas should have certain qualifications. The section below will inform you about the qualifications your tax attorney must possess.

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JD Degree

The term JD degree is basically the abbreviated form of “juris doctorate degree”. This degree is also often referred to as a law degree. One needs to complete his/her bachelor’s degree to get admission for a juris doctorate degree course (at a law school) and study for another 2 to 3 years to obtain the JD degree.

You will also come across tax attorneys who have completed the “master of laws’ degree. Additionally, for representing clients in the United States Tax Courts a lawyer must have a special license. Any lawyer who does not have that license will not be allowed to represent a client at any of the country’s tax courts.

State Bar

The next thing an attorney must do after obtaining the juris doctorate degree is getting registered at his/her state’s state bar. This means to operate in around the city of Dallas, an attorney should be registered by the state bar of Texas. The state bar can be described as an agency that supervises attorney licensing as well as attorney practicing.

To be a registered member of the bar, a lawyer needs to overcome a number of obstacles. He/she needs to appear at a bar exam and obtain passing scores, must possess a clean background history and criminal record and should take an oath of practicing law honestly following the limitations set by the country’s and state’s laws. Having in-depth knowledge about different aspects of accounting is also important for tax lawyers.


Top law firms operating in Dallas have lawyers who have specialized in different areas of tax law; for instance you will come across lawyers specialized in IRS issues, employment taxes, taxes of small business, estate planning etc. As the US tax code contains hundreds of thousands of laws, you should always opt for tax attorneys who have several years of experience of handling cases similar to your case.

If you seek tax help Dallas from a reputable tax resolution firm, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by a professional with in-depth knowledge and significant experience of managing taxes of people in similar situation.

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