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Where To Invest The Money In The Time Of Financial Crisis?

Well this is a million euros question at the moment Financial Crisis. Nothing is for sure, none knows for positive. But with a little bit of logical thinking, we can make a good investment.

To find the answer, we have to go way back to the past. What was the first thing that was a “price setter” in the past? It was FOOD! But it is kind of hard, to invest in one ton of bread, so at this point, we will ask ourselves, why was food “the one”?

When we talk about past crisis, we always compare how , no matter much of “material X” we got in comparison to one kilo of bread. Why? Bread is symbolism for all food and food is something we have to buy in order to survive, no matter how big the crisis is. Food is one of our “minimum requirements”. What else is a minimum requirement in this world? Well once we answer this question, we get the answer to the first question. Those so called minimums, are something that will always balance their prices eventually with food and other “minimum requirements” after the crisis. So if we manage to find one of them, that is unlikely to get damaged, and that is something that can be used as investment, then we have it. In this matter, Financial services comparison can give you some more idea.

Lets think, what else do we need to survive? My answer is real estates! Nothing can damage them either (i am talking about lands of course, not so smart maybe to buy buildings, what if the war comes!). Well, nothing is a big word, but in case the real estates get damaged, then any other investment would be lost for sure as well! So when buying real estates, it is just a matter of time, when our money will regain the value after the crisis. And if it does not, then our money is lost and it would probably be lost in any other investment as well.

Now you will say, we kept the value of our property, but we did not increase the value. Well that is true. But in this time, i say it is really important to make few “safe” investments, and you can still leave yourself some money to “risk” it and try your luck on stocks.

Put most of your money on a safe place and put the rest in where you think is the best place to invest. Who knows, maybe you will be one of those lucky people who became billionaires in past financial crisis.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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