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Is Running the Best Option to Help Stay Fit and Lose Weight?

Exercise is part of our lives and everybody (on the whole) wants to stay fit with the body they have. It can be difficult to stay on top of your weight with the lure of fast food, snacks and alcohol. However, if you enjoy them in moderation you will begin to see the benefits when you work out.

It could even be that you do not feel like working out after work and much prefer looking at the television, your phone, CMC markets reviews, or just reading. It can be tough to get motivated to work out after a long day. 

There are many different options to working out and it is a minefield to know which route to take. Is it going to the gym? Is it working out at home? Or is it just focussing on running?

Why choose running?

Running is a primal part of us. When we run we feel free and it can do wonders for our mental health as we feel light on our feet and nothing can stop us. Running can be done so easily that you need nothing more than a pair of trainers…or even in some cases, people go barefooted!

It can be done without a subscription to a gym, it can be done at any time that fits your schedule and you can set your own goals as to how you want to run. As time progresses you will start to see you can run further and further with a lot more ease which makes the whole running process a lot more enjoyable.

The main benefit is it is easy and free. It is all done at your pace without the inteseness of other fitness options.

It is also incredibly beneficial to do whilst competing in other sports. You might for example play football or hockey and decide to run long distances alongside training with stop-start sprints. There are so many different ways to run that it is hugely important alongside other sports.

Is it good for weight loss?

Everybody has their say these days about how to lose weight and it can be so hard, especially with so many nutritionists, PTs, and other fitness members having a voice on social media that all the ideas conflict and contradict each other. You just do not know where to start. 

However, running is a great option for losing weight due to the number of calories it burns during exercise and all the calories it burns long after running. Running has the ability to suppress your appetite so you are not seeking food straight after a run and when you do you will not want to each as much as you may have done being sedentary. 

With running able to target belly fat incredibly well it is a great way to lose some of those extra pounds that you do not want anymore. 

So pick up your trainers, put on your shorts and head out into the big wide world for a fantastic run to burn those calories.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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