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Get To Know About Vapes And Some Geek Bar Flavours

In this article, we are going to talk about the disposable electronic cigarette which is also known as disposable vape, disposable pod, sitg pod, stig pod, or stig. As well as some of the Geek Bar flavours which are available in the market? In addition, they come in a variety of flavors, are great for travel, and are low maintenance.

What is a disposable vape anyway?

This disposable electronic cigarette comes ready, loaded, and with essence just like as UK disposable vapes. With an estimated lifetime of about 250 puffs, these items have a draw-activated burning mechanism, a window for viewing the juice that will be consumed, and an integrated battery. 

Once removed from the package and the protective seal removed, they are ready for use and, because they are very discreet, they can be carried anywhere, making a good impression with their minimalist and modern look.

What is the disposable electronic cigarette for?

They are indicated for those who want to somehow quit the traditional cigarette; they work perfectly for these cases and are a great option for those who are in doubt about whether or not to start in the vaping world, because they are simple and cheap.

The differences between disposable and traditional vapers

The traditional one, on the other hand, can be refilled. Other differences include:

  • Price;
  • Performance
  • Maintenance;
  • Convenience.

How does disposable vape work?

In the disposable pod, there is a 330 mAh battery, atomizer, and flavor cartridge, containing 1.2 ml liquid and 5% (50mg nic) salt nicotine. When the individual inhales into the mouthpiece, the battery quickly activates the atomizer, which is responsible for heating the liquid and turning it into a vapor. In other words, the vapor is what a user inhales and exhales.

Disposable vape benefits:

The main benefits of disposable vaping include being very cheap. And it is also very intuitive for the user. See other benefits below:

Innovative technology and small size – It has state-of-the-art technology and its size makes it easy to dispose of after use.

The best alternative for smokers –An ideal solution for those who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Variety of flavors – There is a selection of flavors for users to enjoy. The new geek bar flavours include sweet strawberry, watermelon ice, orange soda, banana ice, lychee ice, menthol, and peach ice.

Besides, it has benefits for the environment, such as:

  • Waste reduction: no more butts, silverware, and empty tobacco packs;
  • Elimination of the emission of combustion gases;
  • Most batteries are rechargeable, which helps not to contaminate the environment;
  • The plastic/glass of the bottles can be recycled;
  • Elimination of the use of ashtrays that were often disposable or wasted water washing them;
  • Does not constitute a fire hazard.

Is it worth buying a disposable vape?

It all depends on your lifestyle. After all, there is no possibility of reusing the equipment. Once the juice runs out, there is no further use for it.

However, for those who are starting in the vape world and don’t know which model to choose, disposable vapes are great alternatives. In countries where the commercialization of disposable pods is more widespread, you can easily find them in pharmacies and stores.


There are several smoke tricks you can do with a vape. They tend to be easier than those done with traditional cigarettes. After all, vape smoke tends to be denser depending on the pod or mod you are using. So, it’s time to learn some smoke tricks to impress friends and family. Check out the best suggestions below:

  • Smoke rings

One of the best-known smoke tricks, smoke rings always impress and draw attention. They require very few steps and only requiring a lot of practice to perfect the technique. In general, it involves “holding” the smoke in the throat and throwing it out with the lips positioned in an “o” shape. Also, the hole in the rings must be made with the tongue, positioning it in the center of the mouth, but toward the throat.

  • Cascade

With this trick, it is possible to create an effect that resembles a waterfall by expelling the smoke through the mouth and absorbing it through the nostrils at the same time. This technique is also known as French puff. To perform it, start by holding the smoke in your mouth after chewing for 3 seconds. Bring your jaw forward and start releasing the smoke upward. While doing this, inhale the smoke slowly through your nostrils.

  • Dense smoke

Want to blow out a lot of smoke with the vape? Then just learn this very simple trick. To begin with, avoid staying in an environment with a lot of wind, as it will harm the effect. Start by keeping the smoke in your mouth. Inhale and exhale quickly, but without letting the smoke escape. While doing so, take a few more puffs to accumulate more smoke. When you feel that you have had enough, just exhale the accumulated smoke.

  • Smoke bubbles

How about mixing smoke tricks and soap bubbles? These two things can be combined to create amazing effects. To start, in addition to your vape, you need a bowl of water, detergent, and a straw. The process is simple: gather smoke in your mouth like any other trick. Then, pour the soapy water through the straw and suck the smoke through it. It will come out of your mouth and fill a soap bubble.

Now do this as many times as you like. What did you think of these smoke tricks? These are just some of the techniques that you can develop to impress those around you. Enjoying a good vape goes beyond just enjoying the steam, and can bring more fun to you and others with tricks like these. Just pick the ones that seem most interesting and practice!

Where to buy

If you are looking to buy a disposable vape I’d recommend the Grey Haze UK website where you can choose from a variety of Geek Bar flavours to your taste!

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