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Google AdWords Basics: Learn Everything About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is paid advertising on Google.

To see Google AdWords in action do a Google search on any topic, and where it says ‘Ads’ is what indicates paid ads.


Google Advertising is on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis.

Costs vary between 5c a click to $50 a click or more, however most keywords and keyword phrases average between 5c and $10.


There are ways to set up your AdWords account that will allow you to target very specific keyword phrases.

Setting up your account properly will help you keep your Cost Per Click low.

To do this, basically the more relevant your ads are to the keyword you’re targeting the lower your Cost Per Click will be.

You also enter into a bidding situation with other people competing for the same Keywords which drives the Cost Per Click also.


Open a Google AdWords account and follow the instructions. Before you open your account be sure to do a quick Google search for “Google Advertising Voucher or Credit” as they often give away free money to new customers.

If you’re interested in getting off to a good start with Google I offer a service where I can set up your account. I will set it up so it runs efficiently and keep Cost Per Click low while reaching your target audience and blocking the irrelevant keywords.


If you want to stand out from the crowd and dominate your competition in your local area you should definitely advertise in and paid advertising too. Not many businesses do this because most only stick with Google.

I recommend you pick up that good quality extra business in the other two search engines where you’re competition isn’t hanging around

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