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Look Out For These Injuries Following a Car Accident

Being caught in a car accident may lead to various injuries. At times the victims may also get a short-term or long-term disability.

Some individuals have also reported being sent to rehabilitation centers or losing lives. Hence, it is important to call medical help when an accident occurs. 

Also, the victim’s family or the victim must consult a car accident lawyer in Toledo to claim his or her losses. The victims here get compensation for the injuries and the harm caused to the vehicle.

What are the most common types of Car Injuries?

Car accidents may lead to no injury or, at times, even to fatal injuries.

Here are some of the injuries that are commonly observed in car accidents.

1. Whiplash

This is recorded to be one of the most common types of injury recorded in the victims of car accidents. This injury is usually caused by quick jerking of the neck in the backward and forward direction.

At times it may even lead to cracks in the neck or can generate damage to the ligament, facet joints, tendon, discs, muscles, etc. 

2. Back and spinal cord injuries. 

These injuries are the second most common injuries in car accident victims. It includes injuries like back sprains, disc slips, and spinal fractures. 

3. Traumatic brain injuries.

Car accidents are recorded to be a major cause of TBI in people. This usually occurs when a blow hits the brain, or something is pierced into the head. More than 50,000 deaths are recorded each year by the TBI, and another 80,000 to 90,000 result from long-term injuries.

4. Internal Injuries

When an object hits a body part or od there is any debris that hits a certain body area, there are huge chances of damage being caused to the internal organs. Here the patient may require immediate help or surgery to stop the internal bleeding.

5. Fractures and broken bones

Some of the common types of fractures in the car accident victims are broken legs, arms, ribs, ankles, wrists, etc  

At times the patient may also suffer from a broken pelvis or other serious injuries.

6. Burns

If a car catches fire after the accident or if the victim’s body comes in contact with some of the high-temperature fluid, then there are chances that the person may get burns.  

Apart from that, here is a list of other car injuries that a person may face:

  • paralysis
  • disfiguring facial Injuries or scars.
  • limb loss or amputation
  • Knee injuries
  • Foot injuries
  • shoulder injuries
  • crush injuries
  • and much more. 
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