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Maintenance guide for Your Braided Wigs

Let me guess, you have recently owned a braided wig which has been fun so far. But you are totally naive about how to take good care of your wig so you can keep wearing it for a long time. Been there, my friend. Most of the time we think being able to choose a good wig is enough for us, when, in reality, the maintenance of a wig can be more daunting.

Take advice from someone who has been there and faced the exact same problem. Keep reading to learn more about the total maintenance of your braid wig so that you can use it for a long time. You can also learn about human hair closure from LuxLuxehair.

Things you need before going all the way

Before you dive into the main business, let’s make sure you are equipped with all the things you need. Let’s take a look:

  •     Good quality Shampoo
  •     Good quality Conditioner
  •     Large toothcomb or Hairbrush
  •     Hair spray or gel
  •     Hair mousse
  •     Large bowl
  •     Cold Water
  •     Mannequin head

Now, let’s take a look at some maintenance techniques you can use to increase the longevity of your braided wig.

Wash your braided wig regularly

You would be the first person to know when your wig needs a wash. The moment you think your braided wig looks dull and dirty, prepare the washing process. But if you ask for our recommendation, we would say, wash it every 2-3 weeks. Use a large bowl and cold water to wash your braided wig. Apply some gentle shampoo and conditioner to get it a more natural look. Once you are done washing your wig, hand them on a mannequin head to dry naturally. Just a heads up, never try to squeeze dry your wig, always let it dry naturally.

Apply hair mousse, hair spray, or oil sheen spray

Applying hair mousse when your wig is still well can do charm by giving your braided wig a shiny and smooth look. To use hair spray or oil sheen spray, wait till your wig is fully dried up. Repeating this process every 2 weeks would guarantee the longevity of your wig.

Deodorizing your wig

Most wigs tend to develop a lot of bacteria when they are left unused for a long time. There is a simple solution to this problem. Use deodorizer to get rid of any unwanted bacterial situation and bad smell inside your wig cap. Deodorizers work both ways by eliminating bacteria and providing you with a great smell.

Store your wig in a silk or satin bag

That’s right, when you are not using your wig, make sure you store them in a secure place. The best practice is to store them in a silk or satin bag in order to avoid static and tangles in the long run. Always make sure your wig is fully dried up before storing them.

Things you should avoid

There is a list of things you should avoid doing-

      Avoid tying up your wig

      Avoid going to sleep with your wigs on

      Avoid leaving your wigs damp

      Avoid using a blow dryer or any artificial drying process

      Avoid using heating equipment

      Avoid using your regular comb

Thanks for reading, hope this Maintenance guide for Your Braided Wigs would give you soma basic ideas. Just you know, everything requires a proper maintenance process to make it fit for the long run and your beloved braided wigs are no exception.

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