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How to Make Money With eBay Affiliate Site

eBay has been an increasing revenue source for many home based and small businesses. If you have never tried to make money with an eBay affiliate site get prepared to learn some insights. I’ll walk you through how to create a product niche website which generates eBay affiliate sales, and creates a long run income stream for you.

As a longtime gold level power seller on eBay, I may call myself an eBay expert. I have helped many beginners to start their eBay businesses successfully. With eBay’s expansion into international markets, everyday it’s becoming harder to make a profitable eBay business. Even some manufacturers are selling on eBay and shipping direct from their factories (how could you compete with that?). If you are a true entrepreneur, you will find a way to increase your sales in any situations. Here’s my motto for eBay success:

If you can’t beat the competition, help them to generate more sales.

Yes, you heard it right. Why are you in business anyway? What’s your main goal? If it’s to make money, and if you can’t make money by competing with big guys on eBay, then help them to generate more sales with setting up eBay affiliate sites. For each sale you send to eBay, you get a commission. It is as easy as this.

I have setup a niche site on my server to test a site called Niche Store specifically designed to create eBay affiliate sites. It took me around 10 minutes to setup the whole system, and my site was live. When I first started creating eBay affiliate sites, it used to take me tons of time, since I had to design the site, create html, implement tracking codes, etc. But with this new system, you can create a great looking eBay affiliate site within minutes.

When your site is ready, start promoting it. Then keep promoting it more, and more. It’s the secret. You may try getting backlinks, also do some PPC, and use every possible search engine marketing trick. I will write more about Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Programs soon.

If you successfully setup your Niche Store or your own coded eBay affiliate site, and start making sales, send me a picture with your first check from eBay affiliate sales, and I’ll add it to my site with a nice backlink to your store.

Here are a few of my friends’ recommendations for eBay Affiliate Related Programs, Educational Course & Documentations (I haven’t used any of them personally, but they will definitely help if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. I have purchased similar programs when I was first starting with affiliate marketing, and I have learnt a lot from them.)

  • The Underground Auction Blueprint – The eBay(R) Domination System. Learn The Underground eBay(R) Strategies That Will Help You Make Maximum Profits With No List, No JVs, No Backend, No Website Req. New Product.
  • The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay
  • Rich Gurus – 15 Hour Video Course for eBay Affiliate Marketing, PPC, and SEO techniques. I love to watch and learn.
  • ProStores has everything you need to start selling online Today- shopping cart, domain hosting, merchandising, reporting, and more. ProStores is an eBay company which lets you create your online store as well as manage your eBay auctions from the same interface.
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