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Market Research: Get Results from Google Trends

Market research online is fast and very revealing when you know where to go.

Google Trends is a free site from Google that allows you to research where the market is heading for any search term typed in to Google from 2004 onwards.

Tips for Using Google Trends To Improve your Business…

Comparative Charts

If you type in a comma between two or three different search terms it will show a comparison chart of the search terms.

For Example: Horse Riding Equipment, Saddlery

You can see which search term is more popular and whether it is going up in popularity or down.

Causes For Increased Search Volume

Some spikes in the charts (indicating search volume) show letters hovering above them Eg. A, B etc.

On the right of the page you will see the corresponding letters with links that show you why there was an increased search volume that month.

For Example: There might have been a major press release; a new product launched; a legal inquiry; a celebrity scandal etc.

Country Comparisons

You can see search volume comparisons from all over the world.

google trends countries

You can narrow down results to States by clicking on the country.

For Example: Find out what US state has the highest searches for horse riding gear and then you can target that market specifically to save advertising costs, or use that information to choose narrower keywords for your website text.


Language display gives you valuable information about who searches for your product.

google trends languages

You can potentially use this information to increase sales by translating your web content (and Google ads) into a foreign language. This is a fast way to increase your sales if you sell digital or universally used products online.

Go To: https://google.com/trends

Another site very similar to Google Trends but it gives more insight into Growing Trends go to… https://www.google.com/insights

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