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Marketing Consultant Urges Business Owners To Start A Positive Movement

A leading marketing consultant is urging business owners to ignore negative media and create a ‘positive movement’ if they want to develop and improve their businesses.

Positive action-taking, learning new skills, embracing social media and improving marketing techniques are all part of the ‘positive movement’ earmarked by managing director and marketing consultant Stefan Boyle.

Stefan believes that business owners who pay too much attention to negative media will feel the negative effect on their business, instead of concentrating their efforts on raising profile and maximizing exposure.

He said: “There’s a lot of negative stories within the media that can influence the way that we think about and manage our businesses.

“Many business owners focus on the negatives rather than the positives and this is having an adverse affect on their enterprises.

“We understand the importance of brand awareness and exposure for SME’s and want to help them to attract new clients and improve sales and profits.”

Stefan is using his own marketing and social media experiences to help business owners build their own personal brand while maximizing efficiency and exposure via social networks and effective marketing strategies.

By implementing the ‘positive movement’ ethos into their business, clients will be able to use both web and offline tools to generate leads for their business.

He added: “It is critical, especially with another recession edging closer, that smaller businesses get as much exposure as possible and boost their profile.

“There are a number of ways to boost company profile but many business owners either don’t know how to, struggle to find a strategy that works or just don’t have the time.

“Our clients are passionate about their business as well as being action orientated and focused on achieving profitable growth.”

By developing lead generation systems for their clients, help SME’s to develop strong relationships with prospects, boosting company profile and efficiency.

The traditional printing company has also improved the quality of print products including business cards, flyers, leaflets and letterheads.

Stefan has developed a new division of called the Social Media Republic, providing a complete done for you social media service.

Stefan said: “Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are all great media channels that can be used to raise profile but many business owners don’t have time to manage their pages; we do this for them and ensure that they get as much exposure as possible.

“The great thing about social media is that it is where everyone is; potential customers, people in your area and fellow business owners all use some sort of social media.”

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