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Is Your Marketing Strategy Falling Short in Employee Recruitment?

Businesses the world over understand the importance of marketing their product or service to consumers and other businesses. To make a profit, people have to want the solutions you offer and decide to make the purchase. Though every business owner understands the need to market themselves properly to their target audiences, there is one subset of the population that many companies fail to connect with effectively; workers.

When a business is in a position to hire employees, it is just as important to understand how to communicate with potential workers as it is with potential customers. Yet not every brand understands this critical component of marketing. 

There are some questions that you need to ask about your company’s marketing strategy toward job-seekers if you want your recruitment practices to evolve and land you the best possible candidates.

Are You Harnessing the Power of Social Media?

Just as potential customers are engaging with social media and your marketing should reflect that trend, so too are job seekers. Platforms such as LinkedIn are designed to create business connections and grow your network, and this includes your recruitment strategy. Many workers who are either out of a job or looking for something new can browse this platform and others like Facebook for job opportunities with companies that interest them.

Depending on where your target audience for recruitment spends their time on social media, it could be beneficial to invest in pay-per-click advertising that is geared towards creating a connection with potential employees and presenting your company as a destination for their professional aspirations.

Is SEO Holding Your Company Back?

Search engine optimization is a key component of any digital marketing strategy. Google, Bing, and other search engines own a huge percentage of online search queries, which means that your online presence matters for your marketing.

However, focusing only on ranking for search terms about your product or service will do no favors for your recruitment methods. Creating and optimizing content that speaks directly to potential employees can boost your efforts and lead to more job-seekers finding your company. The top results in any search have all the power, and when someone searches for a phrase like “real estate agent jobs near me,” then you need to be ranking near the top to get more traffic. 

Some recruitment marketing platforms specialize in designing an SEO strategy that will lift your brand to the top, which may be the tool that you need for finding the best employees who will fit within your culture. 

Are You Relying Too Heavily on Third Parties?

Job boards are fantastic for connecting companies with potential employees, but they should not exist in isolation. Over-reliance on these third-party vendors could be holding back your ability to find the right candidates for your company. 

Sometimes the right person comes about organically through online searches, social media, or just networking. If you are making zero efforts in these areas and hoping that a job board will do the legwork for you, your company could miss out on the perfect fit. Not everyone uses job boards in their employment search, and some people who may not actively be searching for employment will never interact with your job posting. In this case, you can use hourly employee recruitment software which will help you to find highly skilled employees for your needs.

How is Your Reputation with Current/Former Employees?

This may be one of the most important aspects of your recruitment marketing. The established culture within your company is the biggest indicator of employee happiness, and people are not afraid to share their opinions of a negative experience. Fostering a positive culture that shows you value your employees as people is critical, especially in 2022 when huge portions of the workforce will not hesitate to seek better options.

Harnessing the testimonials of past and current employees could boost your recruitment campaign since plenty of job-seekers will look for reviews and comments about what it is like to work for a company before deciding to apply. People who see that your company values its workers will be far more attracted to joining the team. 

Recruitment Success Comes Down to Proper Investment

Throwing money and other resources at your recruitment is not the solution, there has to be a strategy involved. Where are you likely to connect with ideal employees? How does your current work culture reflect how much you value workers? Is your brand easy to find via organic traffic on search engines or social media? 

Marketing is not just about growing awareness of your product/service for customers. The most successful companies that can hire perfect candidates consistently are heavily invested in recruitment marketing. Ask yourselves these questions to determine which direction a recruitment campaign should go and then do not be afraid to invest in that strategy. You may end up connecting with a whole new sector of job-seekers that would thrive with your company and help take it to new levels of growth.

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