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What’s the Next Big Trend in Mobile Apps for Millennials?

Since smartphones are growing more and more universal and every other business is improving their apps, the aspect is changing. So as a concerned company, how do you keep your app compatible? Well, by learning the millennial mindset and addressing their needs.

Like many other technology segments, the mobile application industry is constantly evolving. Factors such as consumer demand and technological advances continue to have a direct impact on mobile app trends. Assuredly, the important common part of the progress of the mobile app industry is staying abreast of the latest trends and statistics.

With smartphones growing quintessential as each day passes, we are yet to see the best of the mobile app business. This blog talks about the latest trends and must-know data in the mobile app industry for 2022.

Next big trend in mobile apps for millennials

According to Statista, mobile apps produce around $189 Billion US dollars in taxations. Trends in mobile applications reflect what consumers desire to see in the software and what other companies in demand have already started using. If you wish to launch a flourishing mobile app, it is important to be flexible in the mobile industry and incorporate the most powerful styles into your product.

Here are the top big trends in mobile apps for millennials:

  • 5G

5G alternates with mobile developers because it increases the potential for applications. Any industry can use 5G speed to promote mobile game models such as Fortnite and Clash Royale. From now on, 5G also opens the door to creating sophisticated and realistic AR / VR applications, 4K-8K streaming quality and 360 videos, and launching the most connected IoT devices on the market

  • Voice technology

Voice search gives a fast and hands-free action that performs browsing pleasure for users. The visual user interface, or VUI, is a new approach to designing the UI. It combines predictable voice recognition with machine learning. Voice buying consultants work the way it sounds: these voice solutions direct consumers to online markets.

  • App Clips & Instant apps

Instant apps (iOS app clips) represent an important part of the mobile app trends, allowing users to try the app before downloading it. They keep small amounts of data in place, and users are not obliged to enter anything to use it.

  • Foldable devices

The great thing about wrinkle displays is their flexibility: you can use them as a phone, and, wherever necessary, you can open the display and get a medium-sized tablet. Some models allow users to fold them instead of pulling them out, making them denser. They are a creative and technological challenge for app developers.

  • Biometric authentication

Fintech, marketing, or health care, using computer vision and other biometrics processing technologies will allow your customers to enjoy an extra level of mobile application security, including protection for their data and money.

  • Beacon technology

Beacons send signals to the company app via their phone. This way, the user can get real-time navigation in-store navigation resources, personal promotions, notifications about discounts, and other information.

  • Mobile-first leisure

Leisure became the first digital destination due to the limitations of COVID-19, and users are not willing to give up anytime soon. Mobile entertainment is the most comprehensive of the latest in-app development trends.

  • Geolocation-based apps

In addition to goods forwarding, local-based applications are also useful in the automotive industry (Google Maps, Onfleet, Geotab), tourism and hospitality (Airbnb, Booking), sports (Nike +, Runtastic), and dating apps (Tinder, Harmony).

  • On-demand apps

Unlike games or editors, these apps sleep on users’ phones until someone needs to use a particular service. Uber, a taxi service application; Grubhub, a food delivery app, will be one of the few most sought-after apps.

  •  Mobile wallets

Market studies foretell that every user of this technology will spend about $ 4064 on toll-free mobile payments by 2025.

Although the industry’s most popular apps and services include PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet, and Cash App, other players are developing in the market, offering more functionality.

  •  M-Commerce

As we have seen from the great success of Shopify, Instacart, and many other M-Commerce applications for everything from wholesale delivery to all retail types, mobile marketing has taken its place among the strongest and most promising application trends.

  • Wearables

Wearable technology offers great opportunities, especially in the sports and healthcare industries. Measuring and analyzing important signs in real-time attracts smart wearable devices: watches, bracelets, and even jewelry.

  • Virtual events streaming

Event streaming is at the top of the latest trends in mobile app development. It is a new standard. The last year has offered a lot of impetus to platforms like ConnexMe, Hopin, etc.

  • Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a system of things that can unite each other and the Internet. IoT includes everything from smartwatches to independent Teslas and Control4 smart home systems.

  • AI & machine learning

Personalization, Analytics, Security, Convenience, and many Artificial Intelligence and machine learning features serve as competitive advantages. It offers a variety of solutions, such as image recognition, voice help, intelligent maps with route layout, and more, all of which can be a decisive factor when it comes to user retention.

  • AR & VR

AR and VR are already working for many purposes without game development. The non-existent object provides a good sense of training in education while it is relatively safe and cheap, producing significant benefits in health care, aerospace, military, and industrial camps.

  •  Enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps are great tools for managing and mastering business processes. Being able to use these apps on mobile devices makes them even more popular. We will see many medium and small businesses interested in incorporating business flow into their daily operations to increase productivity and profitability and stay competitive.


We might live in an environment where everything is happening faster than ever, but the most interesting thing about 2022 isn’t just how much progress has been made. We’ll also see new applications and opportunities for trainees and businesses come out of nowhere!

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