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Nike Jordans: Step Out in Style With a Pair of These Sneakers

There are a slew of nicknames for the iconic Air Jordan sneakers from Nike, including Jays, Js, Jumpers, and Bred. You may call them whatever you like; it doesn’t matter what you name them. From essential footwear to collectors’ and investment pieces, these sneakers have evolved over the past 30 years into a unique sneaker culture in their own right.

However, a pair of Nike Air Jordan Low has many moving pieces that may be tough for a newbie to grasp. This article is an excellent start if you’re new to Air Jordans. You will learn about Air Jordan, different Air Jordan editions, and other things. It’s time to get started.

What distinguishes the Air Jordan from other shoes?

Michael Jordan is a world-renowned athlete who is still competing today. He was a two-time Olympic gold medal-winning basketball player who broke several NBA records. He is a very successful co-owner of a NASCAR team and a basketball player on and off the court. Air Jordan sneakers, Nike’s most popular footwear line, also have his name and visage.

In 1984, Nike and Michael Jordan agreed to work on a range of sneakers for the former’s signature shoe brand. They stood out because of their association with basketball, as Converse was NBA-approved footwear. With “Air soles,” Nike had just unveiled a new technology for its running shoes when Jordan became an even more well-known basketball player. Thus, Nike coined the name “Air Jordan”.

Is there any significance to the numbers on the Air Jordans?

Air Jordans with editions 1-35 are imprinted on the bottoms. The Nike Air Jordan Low 1 has gone through 35 iterations since its debut in 1985, with a new iteration produced around once a year.

Each edition has several colors and alliances, resulting in over 35 different shoe variations. In terms of both look and functioning, each is unique. Many websites offer a great visual reference for each Air Jordan version that you may use as a cheat sheet if you’re in a hurry.

Air Jordan editions directly impact their value, as indicated below: There are just a few copies of each version available. Therefore, the most important thing to remember concerning shoes is how you use them. The rarity and worth of newer, better-condition editions rise when older ones wear out, are lost, or are destroyed.

In some instances, the unique characteristics of some sneakers may be more valuable than the edition number itself because of the rarity of specific colors and partners.

What is the definition of a “retro”?

Replicas of a previous model (an OG) re-released years later using updated shoe-making technology and materials with minor design changes are known as retros.

Since Nike released the original Air Jordan 1 in 1985, several distinct Air Jordan 1s have been designed. Retro versions of nearly every Air Jordan model can be found, but the Air Jordan 1 has the most, with 99 iterations.

What is a colorway, and why is it vital to have one?

Each Air Jordan sneaker has its unique colorway: a collection of various color combinations. Generally speaking, the design of an edition is the same, but the color combinations vary across different models. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the many available shades. The Air Jordan 1 comes in various colors, with 23 to choose from.

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