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Ninjago and Naruto Coloring Pages: Journey Back to Childhood with Japanese Manga Heroes.

With the belief in supporting educational products for children, we want our coloring pages products to be more and more diverse and quality. We always try to find new content and new characters to bring enjoyment to children. Today, let’s go back to the adults’ childhood and bring new characters to the children. Ninjago and Naruto coloring pages will bring good Japanese manga characters!

Ninjago coloring pages: Ninjago’s “whirlwind secret.”

When the cartoon Ninjago was shown on children’s television channels and was watched and loved by many children, it also created “a whirlwind” that any child would know. Not only do they follow the content of each episode, they love each of the different characters in the movie, and they also especially love these characters in real life. Ninjago revolves around six Ninja teenagers, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, and Lloyd, who, trained by Sensei Wu, fight evil forces to protect the land of Ninjago. The details of evil include the likes of Skullkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Ghost Warriors, Sky Pirates, Vermillion, Shark Army, Sons of Garmadon, Dragon Hunters, and Blizzard Samurai. This topic influences very little from the previous Ninja theme, instead of introducing a host of elements such as a more modern setting, the removal of shoguns and bandits, new enemies, and the so-called fighting game Spinjitzu”. Ninjago makes children even more fascinated when stepping into the real world with Lego Ninjago toy models like other favorite cartoon characters. Still related to the content of the movies, each Lego Ninjago game also has its plot and is related to the characters in the film. Children will both assemble the models in the game and can also create stories to make playing more exciting and creative.

Printable Ninjago coloring sheets

Ninjago characters appear in LEGO games, which children, especially boys, immensely love. Instead of showing your child Ninjago cartoons, why not introduce them to their favorite cartoon characters through Ninjago coloring sheets. The Ninjago is one of the most exciting Lego has ever produced! Not only do all the characters and moves look amazing, but there’s a compelling plot behind it all. The characters in Lego Ninjago are characterized by bright colors depending on their characteristic colors. Whether it’s magenta, green, or yellow, kids can represent their favorite Ninjago clans by creating their ninjas in these free Ninjago coloring sheets for kids. The cutest Ninjago coloring pages for kids to practice coloring so they can immerse themselves in the world of Ninjago. With the theme of power style, the child superhero of the Japanese anime genre has become popular, loved, and admired by many children. Therefore, these uncolored drawings are the best gifts for our boys!

Naruto coloring pages: It is the meaningful story of Naruto in Konoha.

The popularity of Naruto – a popular manga title from Japan, is not something that needs to be discussed. As a part of his childhood, Naruto stopped on paper and was also adapted into anime, video games, and board games. With world-class coverage. It didn’t take long for Naruto to become famous on Shonen Jump. After being released a few times, Naruto ranked 4th among the best-selling manga series.

Naruto’s story begins with a lot of disadvantages for the main character. From being an orphan without a parent’s love to being hated by everyone in the village for carrying the Nine-Tails. But he overcame it with extraordinary energy and then became a hero admired by the whole of Konoha. The Naruto series conveyed to fans a profound lesson. Everyone has their big ambitions and dreams, but always keep your feet on the ground and aware of your limits. They have a plan that motivates individuals to form the goals they need to achieve in the future. But you should also look at everything around you thoroughly and set a solid path to realizing that dream. And they will accomplish a lot of valuable things on the way to realizing their dreams.

Printable Naruto coloring sheets

Printable Naruto coloring sheets

Naruto is a famous cartoon from Japan; in Vietnam, the Naruto movie is supported by many people from young to old. Children will surely love to color the main character Naruto when watching a Naruto movie. Naruto coloring pages will help children develop more things such as ingenuity and color perception. Coloring pictures of characters in the Naruto cartoon are always an excellent choice for children. Coloring with these pictures, children are spoiled for creativity, exercise ingenuity, cognitive color coordination, and enhanced hand and eye movement. Give them drawings of characters they like. Make sure your baby will spend hours turning them into vivid pictures. From here, children will practice carefulness and meticulousness.


Ninjago and Naruto coloring pages will be coloring pages suitable for children of all ages. It will be a precious gift for those who have a passion for Japanese manga characters. Coloring pages not only help children practice coloring skills and their creativity but also help us learn more knowledge about the characters and cultures of many countries through coloring pages. Parents and children can refer to many coloring pages on our website to develop more comprehensive skills:

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