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Overcome Information Overload: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Information overload is a pretty new term moved into our lives with the internet era. Especially if you are working online, you have to be on top of things all the time.

My regular work day starts with checking my emails and checking my stats on several sites. I have never thought about organizing basic tasks in my regular business day. Of course, for every project or a website we make plans, timesheets, we use project management tools, etc. But how about organizing the very basic daily tasks we do all the time?

Understanding and Accepting the Problem

Since the beginning of 2007, I knew that I was spending so much time on unnecessary things and tasks in my daily life. I didn’t know the solution, but I have finally admitted it was a serious problem for my business and for my daily life. Then, I started looking for a solution.

Finding Tools to Help Me Solve the Information Overload Problem

It was during December 2007, and I was waiting for my international flight at JFK Airport in New York. Even though I had several books, my laptop and magazines to read in my luggage, I was checking some new books at a store in JFK.

I saw a book named; Getting Things Done, and I was curious. I have checked it out. I knew the name “David Allen” as the “Personal Productivity Guru”, but I have never read his books before.

This books has practically changed my life. It gave me a whole new perspective on information overload, and increasing personal productivity.

If you are smart enough to overcome the information overload problem yourself without reading a book or using tools, great, good for you. But I was NOT. I needed somebody or a book to tell me exactly what to do step by step. And it worked.

If you read this book or any other book to help you with overcoming information overload, you don’t want to change everything in your life right away. You have to take a step at a time, otherwise it will be very hard. Think about quitting coffee. Start decreasing one cup a day, then once every two days, etc. This is how I have implemented the tips into my life from “Getting Things Done“.

I have also found a FREE tool online called FlowChart.com. It is great to create flow charts, or mind maps. I highly recommend this Celebeswiki tool. You can also share your flow charts with your friends, partners, employees, and create a collaboration.

Other than Getting Things Done by David Allen, I have also heard great things about Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way by Rick Carson which I will be ordering soon.

You can check out the best selling books about information overload at amazon.com. You need to overcome the information overload before it is too late, and become more productive.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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