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The Insider’s Playbook to Becoming a Home-Based Disney Travel Agent

Have you ever thought of becoming a remote travel agent? Now, you can train from home. Enroll in an online travel agent training program and learn everything you need to know to start your own travel agent business.  

By joining a program that trains for work through a host agency, you’ll ultimately gain access to clients who book through Disney and other top destinations. You may benefit from a high-paying commission above industry standard. Once you join, you can learn at your own pace and become a home-based Disney travel agent when you’re ready. 

To get started, we’ve created the insider’s playbook to become a home-based Disney travel agent. Consider the information below for the inside scoop on all you need to know. Follow the guidelines suggested here, and you’ll be well on your way to working as a remote travel agent through host agencies like Boardwalk Travel Agency

Search “disney travel agents near me” to start training online

To start working as a remote Disney travel agent, search “disney travel agents near me” to find training programs under host Disney travel agencies. Host travel agencies provide you with the essential training you’ll need to book clients with complex travel plans. With this valuable training, you’ll gain the skills to assist clients with serious travel itineraries. 

Practice booking a client’s trip by reading up on the how-tos listed on agent-friendly websites

When you search “disney travel agents near me,” you’ll find websites that offer insight into how to book clients successfully. Once you learn the steps, it’s easier than ever to book clients. You’ll learn how to gather the essential information you need to book their plans accordingly. Search terms like “disney travel agents near me” and take your time navigating agent-friendly sites that show you the ropes before you start booking clients on your own. 

Utilize social media and market your services

Once you’ve started booking clients, take advantage of social media by consistently updating accounts with upcoming promotions and deals for your current and potential future clients. Look for marketing examples from other remote travel agents by searching “Disney travel agents near me” to get ideas. 

You will get your name out there as a travel agent and gain additional opportunities to book new clients. 

Get paid through direct deposit

After you’ve booked clients and they’ve returned home, you can submit your commission requests online through the host agency you trained with. When you’re in the process of choosing a training program, view your results for “Disney travel agents near me” carefully. Be aware of processing timeframes so you’ll know when you can expect payment to land in your bank account via direct deposit. 

Become the best that you can be

To become a Disney travel agent, set yourself up for the best outcomes by working with a host agency with everything you need to succeed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your training support and be active in your training to become the best you can be. 

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