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Players are wasting valuable items in Diablo 2 because Blizzard made a typo

A new rune word causes a bad mood in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Blizzard made a small mistake in the last patch notes, but it has far-reaching consequences – many players have wasted their valuable runes.

What are rune words? Runewords are among the most powerful items in Diablo 2. To create a D2R ladder items, players must infuse runes into an item in the correct order. Only the right combination results in a rune word. If you make a mistake, you only get the bonuses of the individual runes. However, strong additional effects are lost.

This is particularly annoying because strong runes are very rare. Basically, the more powerful the individual rune, the rarer it is to be found in the game world. If you make a mistake when creating a rune word, you will miss out on powerful bonuses and, in the worst case, have to grind for a long time until you find the corresponding runes again.

The developers regularly add new runewords to Diablo 2 Resurrected to provide variety and new challenges with a new season. But now there was a fatal error.

New rune word is wrong in the patch notes – This causes trouble in the game

What rune word is it? With Season 3, a new rune word for assassins should come to Diablo 2. As usual, the new item has been added to the PTR. Players should put the new item through its paces on the test server. The item was well received, but players criticized a certain damage component that comes from a rune.

To craft the “Mosaic Runeword” on the PTR, it needed the runes in the combination of Mal+Gul+Thul. The Thul Rune adds an effect that deals frost damage to items.

However, the testers were dissatisfied with this and demanded a change. The developers saw that and changed the combination. The runeword is now made up of the combination Mal+Gul+Amn. Instead of frost damage, there is now life steal, as requested by the testers

How did the error come about? 

The changes to “Mosaic Runeword” were initially properly reflected in the patch notes. Apparently, the text of the patch notes was then revised and the composition of the new rune word was incorrectly displayed.

Instead of the correct rune combination Mal+Gul+Amn, the old combination of Mal+Gul+Thul was in the patch notes. Unfortunately, players attempting to craft the “Mosaic Runeword” according to the erroneous patch notes have wasted their rare runes. Because once runes are socketed, there is no way to get them back.

While the current case is a Blizzard bug, it’s unclear if players will be refunded for their incorrectly socketed runes. The bug has now been fixed, but many players may still feel deceived.

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