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Important Points to Know Before Going to Dhow Cruise Dubai

In Dubai, there are Arabic-style wooden boats known as a dhow. In the dhow, you can enjoy the Dinner and enjoy the view of the glowing lights of the city. A variety of food is included in the feed where you can eat anything according to your wish. It is an attractive point for the visitor where you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Dubai. 

Things to know about Dubai:

Dhow Cruise Dubai Deals Marine is the waterfront development. It is a good place to be visited by tourists. The Dinner includes desserts, salads, fresh fruits, and non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, water, soft drinks, and tea. It also provides the Arabic and Continental Buffet dinner.

The mesmerizing and eye feasting view of the surroundings and extremely delicious Dinner make the Dinner more exciting. At night the opinion of Dubai is very amazing and mesmerizing. Giant buildings that light up during the night make Dubai very attractive; you can enjoy these beautiful views in the dhow. 

Cooperative Staff:

The staff is very hospital and cooperative. This Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina will be the best venue for any event. This dhow has the capacity of 199 guests, which includes the lower and upper deck. Different events can be celebrated here, such as birthdays, achievements, marriage anniversaries, etc. 


The buffet has many options, which have both vegetable and non-vegetable food. Stater consists of welcome drinks such as coffee, tea, juices, and dates. A variety of delicious salads are also included. The main course consists of a variety of foods. 

Return and Departure:

They also provide the pickup facility; try to reach the pickup point 45 minutes before so that you may not miss the facility. They also coordinate the exact location and exact time. The passengers are pickup at 7 PM in Dubai. 

Booking Confirmation:

You are given the chance of the Dubai Marine Walk. They provide the facility to enjoy the Dinner with mesmerizing facility for two hours. Book your reservation, and you will get the confirmation message very quickly. They also give a wheelchair facility. The seats for infants are also included in the facility. 

Booking Cancellation:

If you want to cancel the reservation, you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance. Before the experience starts, you can cancel your booking and refund your payment. Two options are available to meet up, either at the pickup location or at the departure point. 

Luxurious Dinner:

The luxury dinner with a sightseeing tour makes it memorizing. There is rolled red carpet, which makes you feel pleasant and make the spread very luxurious. For the tourists, this Dinner will be very attractive, and they will enjoy the Dinner along with the beautiful night view of Dubai. 

They were sailing the boat on the marine and watching the beautiful Dubai along with the skyscrapers. The guttering towers of the Dubai, which surround the water, make the Dinner very fascinating. You can either sit in the upper deck in an open area or on the lower deck. 

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is an interesting place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of skyscrapers and fascinating beaches and mouth-watering and delicious food. Marine in Dubai consists of the artificial water body constructed along the coastline.

This artificial water body is mesmerizing g waterfront development where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding shopping mall, hotels, and skyscrapers. 

This artificial canal system of marine is the best place to be visited. One can watch Dubai, the glittering building, and giant malls in the dhow. You can view the PlamJumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai marine mall and Hotels, etc. 

The breathtaking view of Dubai can be seen at night, along with the delicious food. 

The dazzling beaches and sailing dhow and music make the visit very interesting. It is the best place to visit your family, friends, and loved ones. 

The dhow is beautifully decorated with lights which make the place very romantic and calming. It makes you very relaxed, and you can enjoy it. 

Along with the delicious and mouth-watering meal at the dhow, it is also a great place to discover the tradition and art of the Arab nation. In the background, traditional music is played. 


The music is played in the medium sound, which provides a soothing effect. Live performance of dance is also done along with the music. Here in the dhow, there is a variety of food served. 

You have the choice to eat their Arabic food or continental food. For food lovers, this place will be perfect for visiting. You can enjoy the food and changing views of the surroundings due to sailing on the dhow.


Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina provides you with the best place to be visited, where you can enjoy a delicious meal and the mesmerizing view of Dubai. If you want to see this amazing place, they provide you with the opportunity to pick and drop throughout Dubai.

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