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Popular ERP Software for Small Business in India

Small and medium-sized enterprises in India have realized the importance of an effective enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) software. The ERP software will enable the easy management of the daily activities of the business like sales, procurement, accounting & finance, planning, as well as supply chain, etc. A company can do away with its spreadsheets and various systems that are in place for the purpose of business management. An ERP system will help a business keep a track of sales, and manage the customer records, financial statements, and others. With the help of a centralised system, the business will be able to run efficiently. Let us look at a few of the popular ERP software for small business in India –

1. SAP Business One – SAP Business One is a trusted software that is used by many small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world. It is an affordable, budget-friendly end-to-end enterprise resource planning software. It will help in the streamlining of the entire purchasing process from admin to sales and finance, from inventory to project management. 

With the business intelligence software which is in-built, it is easy to make informed decisions on the basis of facts and figures. SAP Business One is a preferred effective ERP software for small business in India that can be deployed both on-premise as well as on the cloud. SAP Business One offers excellent flexibility which will help in scaling the business whenever there is a need. 

2. Tally ERP – Tally ERP has good functionalities which makes it one of the best ERP software for small business in India ERP software in the market. Tally is the oldest and one of the most renowned software but it is not yet a fully integrated software.  It is good for the small and medium enterprises where the volume of data is not too much and the business is not operating in multiple countries.  

3. Sage ERP – Sage ERP offers solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises with a wide variety of features. It helps businesses with the streamlining of different tasks, collaborating, and managing different functions of business like sales, purchases, etc. This ERP system can help in scaling the business. 

4. Epicor ERP – With Epicor ERP, businesses are able to easily manage their customers and leads as well as all the aspects of planning, and supply chain with one ERP system. It is an ERP software for small business in India that has been specifically developed for manufacturers and helps the leading businesses in the manufacturing industry to make profits.  

Apart from these, there are also many ERP software for small business in India that are good for different kinds of businesses. Organisations should choose a software that will be able to meet their current as well as future business needs and will help in the expansion of the business globally.

ERP Benefits and Challenges

Enterprise Resources Planning softwares will help in centralising the data of the organisation and merging the business operations such as production, HR, etc. With an efficient and a successful ERP system, the organisation can identify the data of the company and effectively streamline all the crucial business operations into one united software system.

Let us Look at some ERP Implementation Challenges-

  • Businesses fail to have a proper implementation strategy. 
  • The software implementation, as well as completion time, is not calculated properly. 
  • The project scope has to be clear and all the relevant stakeholders should be informed by the project managers in advance.
  • All the potential risks have to be gauged and managed efficiently for avoiding any failures in ERP implementation.
  • A proper testing strategy is absolutely necessary for successful ERP implementation. 
  • Another important factor is that effective ERP implementation is achieved with effective teamwork. The team should be managed by an experienced and efficient leader.
  • Proper and timely communication with the stakeholders is crucial for the successful ERP implementation.
  • Any mistakes in project management can also influence an ERP software’s success.


An efficient ERP system consists of various software parts called modules. All of the modules tend to focus on one essential function of the business. It can be production, finance, material management, etc. The organisation are able to use any particular modules that they require for effectively running their business processes. Different ERP systems will enable the users to automate their daily tasks which can be time-consuming. By choosing an ERP software for small business in India, they can save time and resources every day by completing repetitive tasks and running reports from a number of systems very easily.

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