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Top 10 Reasons Why Golf is a Perfect Sport Choice for a Child

Golf has always been in demand, but now it is rapidly gaining in popularity among people of all ages. More and more kids go out onto a golf course, more PGA tour tickets are being sold as well as is engaging a surprisingly big number of newcomers. You might have a reasonable question as to why golf is so loved, and in particular among children and their parents.

Well, let’s dive into the list of top 10 reasons why golf is a perfect sport choice for a child.

1. The advantages will last you a lifetime

It is a common story when a kid or a teenager makes a friend in a golf club, and the bond stays for what seems like forever. And it is no wonder as well because you acquire a skill that can be used for fun with no time limits – a pair of friends can’t run out of mutual activities.

2. It can unite your family as only a few things can

A game of golf is an excellent chance for the whole family to come together and spend some quality time. A light yet competitive atmosphere will undoubtedly bring people closer. On top of that, it is a great moment for a parent to encourage and praise their children as people often forget to do it in everyday life.

3. Rare activity in fresh air

It is not a secret that kids nowadays are prone to get stuck in front of a screen for hours at a time. Having golf as a hobby will allow a child to set up a routine of simple exercises outdoors and breathe in some fresh air regularly. It will increase the level of vitamin D as well due to the golf course being an open area.

4. Enhancing soft skills

It may come as a surprise as very few kinds of sport offer that, but golf can teach a person things beyond the regular set of skills. Besides the ability to freely interact with new people and knowledge of etiquette, golf can provide your child with business skills. Solution-oriented mindset, strong faith in oneself, and even an ability to work with numbers – are all that is crucial for a business owner.

5. Available to anyone

It really does not matter where you come from, what your occupation is as well as what your gender or age is – you are welcome on a golf course anytime. The world of golf is full of amazing stories of how the lives of people of drastically different backgrounds intertwine on the field over a golf club and a ball. Be sure that when your kids enter the world of this sport, it will open them up to diversity and make them ready for different points of view.

6. Constant growth

While every athlete most certainly faces a point of stagnation at times, golf remains a field that constantly nudges its players into self-improvement. Analyzing your own mistakes is a number one priority from the very first day. Specifics of golf also make it easier to do so as a player can freely observe others and analyze them equally. Last but not least, frequent critique from companions and competent instructions from professionals make each practice day fruitful.

7. Strong values

Golf is perceived as an old and respected kind of sport that is full of traditions, so it makes the players uphold a certain standard. It teaches kids to be patient and truthful to themselves as well as to the people in their life. Apart from strong etiquette that keeps teenagers in check, youth trains to be strong in the face of an affliction and does not give up easily in the outer world.

8. Safety and health

Golf is an excellent choice of activity if you, as a parent, are concerned for your child’s safety. The most available options in schools are contact sports, so injuries among youth are not a rare case. Golf offers you a safe yet effective alternative – you remain active with very slim chances of causing any harm to yourself or others. It does not lack the need to be fit and sporty to be successful. You can expect your core muscles to get stronger, your joints to move smoother as well as your overall flexibility to enhance.

9. Helps to master one’s emotions

 Golf can be a concentrated imitation of real life when it comes to feelings. It has similar emotional ups and downs, victories, and disappointments. You are bound to learn how to cope with this range at a golf court. Otherwise, your progress will be significantly slowed down. You have to master the inner feeling which will help you to overcome difficulties. Of course, a person can’t just leave all the knowledge behind on the court. A player, especially a young one, will for sure carry it onto the real-life experience and use the pattern to succeed.

10. Having a proper fun childhood

The world is getting more and more hectic with each day as well as it gets more technological. Our youth is stuck between the quick dopamine of online games and the strict requirements of schools and colleges. It is a challenge to break a circle of stress and the absence of fun and even companionship. A game of golf once or twice a week can very well solve it all. A child or a teen can have real active fun with peers and a feeling of healthy competition. Genuine laugh, genuine happiness, and gestures of empathy – a child will certainly experience all of it with a golf club in hand.

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