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Rice Purity Test: What it Means and How to Use it

Understanding the significance of a rice purity test Score might help you get to know your friends better and have some fun.

People may take the Rice Purity Test, a famous quiz, to learn more about themselves. However, this is not some random quiz you may find on Buzzfeed or Sporcle; Rice University in Texas produced it. Although it has been used in a low-key setting for numerous decades, since the 1980s, it has become renowned (or notorious).

Even if you’re wondering about how you compare to others, this is a fun method to assess your innocent knowledge. This page defines the Rice Purity Test Score, its significance, and how the test is scored.

What Is Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test assesses a person’s purity. It is a university-developed instrument that enables people to compare their holiness to others. The Rice Purity Score is designed to reflect a person’s history with alcohol, sexual behaviours, powerful drugs, and illegal actions, enabling them to assess their level of innocence.

Someone with a score of 100 to 90 is considered exceedingly pure. The lower your score, the less “pure” you are. can allow you to share it with others to offer them a broad image of who you are without giving too much information. It is an effective community-building tool, especially in college and young adult groups.

How does the Rice Purity test work?

The rice purity test, as is well known, consists of one hundred rice purity test questions, each of which must be answered with a yes or no in response to a life-related topic.

The rice purity test result, which runs from 0 to 100, shows your life outlook. Without further ado, let us assess the efforts for the rice purity test scores results.

Take the purity test without hesitation; it reveals the path to strengthening and defining your personality. It is in your best interests to achieve an amicable understanding with your spouse and take your relationship to the next level.

What does the rice purity test mean?

The score might be between 0 and 100. The excellent rice purity test score ranges from 75 to 100, the average score ranges from 60 to 75, and the lousy score is from 0 to The score breakdown is as follows:

  • 100 to 98:

It represents that you are as pure as gold. Few people fall under this category.

  • 97 to 94:

It means that you are reasonably pure. Perhaps you have loved someone or holding their hand.

  • 93 to 77:

It denotes that you are pretty pure. You have most likely committed to loving or gone far further.

  • 76 to 45:

It suggests that your innocence has been compromised. You have had several instances of addiction-related or legal difficulties.

  • 44 to 9:

It means that your purity has been seriously harmed. You’ve undoubtedly experimented with addictive drugs, served time in jail, and participated in public physical contact.

  • 8 to 0:

It implies that you are just as violent as they are. You’ve done some crazy things, including paying for – or been spent on – them.

What’s Wrong With the Rice Purity Test?

Some consider the Rice Purity Test to be a measure of maturity. Rice University was the first to use the test to assess its female population in the early 1920s. Although it is now recognized as a fun game to play with friends, its origins are at best hazy.

The Rice Purity Test, like other rice purity tests administered at the time by institutions such as Columbia and Carnegie Mellon, was used to penalize women for their past. Remember that the concept of “purity” may harm young women and should not be used as a measure of worth, even though the Rice Purity Test can be a beautiful bonding experience.

Subsections of the Rice Purity Test:

Several specific elements on the Rice Purity Test fall into several impurity groups. People will not be able to tell which boxes a responder ticked just by looking at their number, which is beneficial for individuals who value their privacy. The Rice Purity Test is concerned with the following aspects.

  • Romantic or Sexual Acts:

It is by far the most common kind of test question. On the lower end of the continuum are behaviours such as a first kiss, giving or receiving a hickey, kissing a non-family member, dancing without making room for Jesus, and other activities that a decently “pure” person is likely to have indulged in. Then there’s viewing pornographic material, masturbating, kissing behind the belt or kissing a breast, or participating in sexual behaviour while wearing an MPS (member of the preferred sex).

Then there’s oral sex, drinking genital discharge, having an orgasm due to someone’s manipulation, having one’s genitalia fondled, speaking in a sexual atmosphere through video chat, and answering a booty call. Then there’s having sex in a pool or hot tub, anal sex, period sex, having a threesome or orgy, using a sex toy, having sex with a stranger, using contraception like a condom, and having a pregnancy scare. Following that come more contentious activities such as voyeurism, incest, and bestiality. These are some of the most dubious acts on the Rice Purity Test.

  • Judicial Affairs:

These actions have anything to do with a person’s legal history. It includes arresting, being hauled to the principal’s office, perpetrating vandalism, and being handcuffed by police. Acts such as being convicted of a crime are at the end of this spectrum.

  • Substance Use:

This section goes through a person’s history with substances like alcohol and drugs. It includes drinking alcohol outside of a religious environment, smoking, and using drugs. Among them are marijuana, cocaine, horse tranquillizers, PCP, heroin, and methamphetamine.


The Rice Purity Test may be fun to interact with your friends; it has even become a cute new TikTok craze! Nonetheless, never pass judgment on somebody based on their Rice Purity Test results. After all, it’s not the 1920s anymore. Browse our site if you’re looking for helpful activities like boosting your vocabulary! We often produce new articles and blog posts that explain some of the subtleties of the English language. It is not always simple to learn new terminology and phrases independently. Therefore we are delighted to give this information understandably!

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