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The Rise of Automotive Software Development Services

The automotive industry focuses on digital transformation, software solutions, connected cars, shared mobility, cloud services, big data processing, infotainment systems, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, complex data platforms, machine learning, and more major trends changing the automotive world. Once known for their aim for performance and design, now automotive companies find their game-changing asset in delivering production-grade software.

While the software is eating the world, the automotive industry is working hard on building experience in automotive software development services.

Software development services dedicated to the automotive industry

While many automotive enterprises succeed in acquiring software development talent, an external highly experienced team is often a must to support the transformation.

Automotive software development services provided by companies like Grape Up include prototyping innovative automotive software solutions, developing complex data platforms, building machine learning and AI-based software, exploring new business models, and delivering connected car technology to leverage sensor data. Grape Up works together with the customers’ automotive software development teams to ensure the quality of provided software but also to transfer knowledge and help these employees take ownership of automotive software solutions in the future.

Demand for software development services

The automotive ecosystem has been adapting the best practices of software development, cloud-based development, and platform development for years. With the next successful moves taken by Tesla and the growing demand for mobile apps, autonomous driving solutions, intelligent solutions, and in-vehicle systems, every automotive company that want to stay relevant needs to build a dedicated team and implement cloud-based DevOps.

Once employing mainly professionals responsible for performance and design, now the automotive sector is becoming the mecca for teams focused on robust software engineering services. All automotive brands need to deliver automotive software that leverages cloud services (including Google Cloud Platform), big data processing, backend systems, artificial intelligence, modern technologies, systems integration, and machine learning.

Automotive software solutions

Software is fueling all kinds of the latest solutions that stimulate the automotive ecosystem to grow. Top automotive software companies help automotive enterprises in developing complex data platforms, features for autonomous driving and electric vehicles, implementing object and pedestrian recognition, building scalable solutions for connected car technology, creating embedded solutions, introducing smart routing, enhancing fleet management, monetizing vehicle data, implementing predictive maintenance and improving inventory management and customer relationship management.

Automotive software development services allow the automotive industry more and go far beyond. Equipped with automotive technology consulting partners like Grape Up, automotive companies leverage machine learning, big data, vehicle data, and cloud-based development to deliver AI-based software, increase software quality, provide smart routing, prototype features for autonomous vehicles, improve business processes, build in-vehicle intelligence systems, enhance software development lifecycle, get more from sensor data processing, and provide better environmental predictions.

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