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How to Setting Goals For Online Marketing?

I have been busy working on my websites, reorganizing them, deciding which ones to sell, and which ones to keep. If you have a large network of websites, and if you haven’t worked on them for a while, it’s hard to get back in shape.

Setting goals with your online marketing plans is an important part of this game. Your goal may be net profit per month, or getting a top 3 position for a specific keyword at google.

When I work on a website, I use two separate spreadsheets. One for financial data, all the income and expenses, and another one for only SEO, SEM tracking purposes. I am too lazy to write a script to track everything in one interface, but it’s in my list.

When you set your goals for your online marketing plans, you will be achieving more. I may prepare some spreadsheet examples and post here, it may help some newbie webmasters who are starting their network of websites.

I am also doing a lot of experiments with affiliate marketing, and I will start sharing my experiences with you.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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