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Social Media Marketing : Definition, Marketing Strategy, and Examples

From year to year the number of social media users in the country shows a significant increase. In this regard, do you also often use social media? If yes, then you can use it for social media marketing.

What is the meaning of social media marketing? What are the types and what are the strategies for marketing with social media?

Come on, friends, find out all the answers to these questions in the following review. So, read this explanation about marketing on social media until it’s finished.

What is social media marketing?

Basically social media marketing is part of digital marketing. Marketing activities or marketing with digital media always use certain media platforms or applications. In this case, marketing of products or services can also be done through social media which is now favored by many young people.

Smart Strategy in Social Media Marketing

There are definitely some differences on each social media platform. Here are some social media marketing strategies that you can try on certain social media platforms:

Facebook, by utilizing features in the form of:

Facebook Marketing, to sell products online.

Facebook Ads, to promote products with ads that will appear on Facebook.

Instagram, by utilizing features in the form of:

Instagram Tools, which is an online tool that can help edit product posts. Some of these tools, such as Later and Snapseed.

Instagram Ads, which is an attempt to advertise your products on Instagram by paying to Instagram. Advertising should be made that is attractive and tailored to the target consumer.

Twitter, which can be done by posting products with a good appearance.

Don’t forget to include a hashtag in each post so that it can go viral and be seen by many people.

Kinds of Social Media Marketing

There are various examples of social media marketing that you can use as a medium to promote the products to be sold. Some of them are:


Instagram is a social media platform for sharing messages in the form of photos and videos. Most of its users are young millennials. You as a businessman can also share or promote your products on Instagram by displaying interesting content and captions.


Facebook is also one of the social media whose users come from various circles. This platform is not only used to share messages, but can also be a medium of sale or promotion. To sell, you can create a Facebook account for business. In addition, you can also advertise through Facebook Ads.


YouTube is a social media that is used to share messages in the form of videos. This platform provides an opportunity for users to create any video content, including promoting a product or service to viewers.


Actually, Twitter also includes social media for sharing messages, but it has a distinctive visual appearance and some of its features. For business promotion, you are allowed to post interesting product photos or promotional videos so that many people are captivated by your product.


Who would have thought that WhatsApp could also be used as a marketing medium. To do this, you can share products or services that will be promoted to certain WhatsApp groups. Furthermore, you can reply to messages from several contacts who call your cell phone number.

Come on, replace conventional marketing methods by using social media marketing. Create interesting marketing content and try to be mobile friendly. That way, your marketing target can be right on target and product sales will skyrocket.

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