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Suspension or Expulsion After a Title IX Disciplinary Proceeding in California: What to Do Next

A suspension or expulsion from your university or college after a Title IX disciplinary proceeding can lead to short- and long-term consequences. If you are currently facing this kind of proceeding, you need to present the best defense possible. And this requires the assistance of an experienced education lawyer in California. If a judgment has been made by the disciplinary board, you must take prompt actions and an attorney can help you reach a favorable outcome following your ordeal. Read to know what to do after a decision has been made against you after a Title IX proceeding:

Appeal the Decision

In a lot of schools, the procedures to appeal a decision that involves sexual misconduct involve several stages. If a Title IX proceeding resulted in an unfavorable outcome for you, your attorney can conduct an investigation to determine the possibility of an appeal. They know how to protect your rights and can gather and preserve evidence to show the proceedings that happened on campus denied the accused due process. 

Follow the Rules

As you plan to move forward, ensure you take the next steps carefully. Violating prohibitions can have negative impacts on your future endeavors. It’s important to know what you can and can’t do and stick to the rules. Your attorney can help with communications and interpretations for you. 

Before you start the appeal, you must determine your ground for appealing. And you must not violate the rules, so the opposing party cannot attack you even more. Rather, you must gather more evidence to support your case. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a withdrawal rather than a suspension or expulsion. However, school authorities may be more cooperative when you play nicely. 

No matter the sanction you are facing, your record will include a serious misconduct violation that you may need to explain in future academic and professional settings. You can reduce the damage when you exercise self-control after the proceeding. 

Set Goals

Whether you have been suspended or expelled from your school, you should set goals and determine the most important ones for you. Are you looking to clear your name? If so, you can file a lawsuit in court and put all details of the case into a new form in a long and costly ordeal. 

But you can also choose to get it over with and continue with your education. You may be able to pursue these goals at once; however, you may not be able to give your best efforts to these objectives at the same time. If you can return to school after suspension, think about whether this is best for you or if transferring lets you pursue more opportunities.

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