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How technology is changing how we treat group messaging

As digital technologies permeate more of our daily lives, they are reshaping team communication. People are becoming more comfortable with using an instant messaging app for business communications to discuss important tasks. This transformation is guiding various businesses around the world toward a more human and transparent way of communicating between and within teams, and the benefits are numerous. 

According to Statista, the information technology (IT) industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. This will increase the size of the technology industry to trillions by 2025, which will be a driving force in how your company communicates today. 

With more remote employees taking over the workforce and the need to engage with employees all over the world, having an instant messaging app for business not only makes it easy to work together and collaborate, but it is also an effective way to operate today. Using the most recent advances in information and digital technology for business communication facilitates collaboration and fosters relationships.  

Technology, in addition to facilitating collaboration, increases efficiency, resulting in faster decision-making, increased productivity, and increased work rate. Group messaging for business today represents an opportunity to leverage additional communication channels to increase collaboration and ensure work teams remain cohesive despite being geographically dispersed. 

Let us see how technology takes group messaging to the next level in most businesses. 

1. Enables instant communication

Although teams are exposed to a wide range of new communication technology, their favorite would be a simple instant messaging platform. They get enough emails on a daily basis, so when a colleague has a quick question, an instant message is much more convenient. This significantly reduces the inbox count and moves them closer to “business in real time”.  

Technology advancements make it easier for teams to collaborate and communicate, even when the task is fraught with difficulties such as different time zones, cross-cultural sentiments, and so on. Technology, as the primary enabler, is being deployed by various businesses of varying scales and sizes to simplify processes and straighten out any creases in the flow of work. 

In addition to sending emails or texts, teams can now communicate via instant messaging apps, form groups, and keep all workers informed.  

2. Overcomes geographical barriers

Teams can connect and collaborate using technology without allowing geographical boundaries to impede the smooth flow of operations. A variety of communication technologies, such as audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, and team messaging applications, are breaking down corporate silos and providing a more superior and efficient way for teams to foster healthy camaraderie amongst themselves. The same allows businesses to have diverse teams on the job, bringing in a variety of different ideas, and assisting businesses in growing more holistically. 

3. Makes collaboration easy 

To encourage team collaboration, use technology platforms that your team is familiar with. For example, use Clariti to communicate quickly with multiple teams within the company. However, you can also create a group to congratulate team members on their personal accomplishments. It allows them to interact using technology that they are familiar with.  

4. Increases team morale

Using an instant messaging app for business increases team morale. Positive employee morale leads to increased workplace productivity and efficiency. Begin by establishing clear and attainable goals for each employee. Set up one-on-one meetings to keep track of progress and clear up any confusion. Make an effort to communicate at all times! Share the good news about your company, such as a new product in the works. 

Furthermore, you should check in with your employees on a regular basis and ask them: 

  • How do you feel about your job, manager, and coworkers? 
  • Do you have any difficulties? How can I assist you? 
  • Are you content with your job? How can I assist you? 

You must maintain open and consistent communication with your employees about issues and accomplishments that are important to them. This one is huge in terms of improving employee morale. 

5. Makes remote work possible 

As technology advances, it enables better leadership and collaboration with remote team members. While each feature is cool on its own, conference calls, file sharing and editing, and messaging apps continue to add features that make those working from a distance feel more organically connected. These advancements allow for more personalized minute-to-minute communication, which results in a more cohesive team.  

6. Helps transition to faster mode of communications than email 

Unlike email, instant messaging produces a much faster response. People are more likely to respond immediately. Instant messaging apps allow employees to communicate with their co-workers all over the world by sending and receiving messages in real-time. Users of a web app can receive the same engaging and lively interactions as they would in person, thanks to group messaging features.  

Coworkers can communicate quickly and easily with just a few clicks with instant messaging. While employees may struggle to write formal emails, instant messaging allows them to communicate freely. Mail can also be slow and inefficient whereas instant messaging is quick and easy. 

7. Increases transparency 

The associate-to-C-level gap has been bridged by technology. Communication is no longer limited to closed-door discussions between a few people; instead, everyone is progressing toward more open communication, often in group chats and organized around projects, topics, or teams. More instant messaging tools enable businesses to be more inclusive in their approach, boost team collaboration, and make employees feel like they are a part of the organization’s daily journey. 

8. More instant access

Modern technology alters the way the team – and virtually every other business – collaborates and communicates. Each individual is more accessible because he or she can be reached by phone, email, or applications with quick and simple steps. As a result, even when someone is not in the office, they can stay connected and productive.  

9. Decentralizes decision making 

Decisions are no longer made through lengthy meetings or lengthy email threads, but rather through new-age platforms, often on an instant messaging basis. Managers can make decisions faster with technology instead of waiting for approval from higher-ups. This helps decentralize the decision-making process. It is also easier to map business feasibility and take quick action with real-time data analytics, allowing businesses to capitalize on best practices. 

10. Helps keep the team aligned on project goals and progress 

To assist teams in keeping project-related communication organized, it is important to implement the appropriate group messaging tools. A survey found that 97% of employees and executives believe that a lack of alignment within a team has an impact on the outcome of a task or project. Instant messaging tools allow teams to stay informed about project progress and deadlines. 

Group communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace, and Clariti are rapidly replacing email. These instant messaging tools go beyond emails to provide the level of interpersonal communication that high-performing teams require. 


The use of group chat tools to facilitate communication has played a significant role in streamlining and improving how teams work on various projects. These tools have enabled groups to better organize themselves and be more productive when working together by providing features such as central file repositories, real-time messaging, task management, and improved visibility across different members of a project team. 

Group communication software has allowed teams to stay connected regardless of geographical location and has given individuals access to shared resources at any time. Finally, technological advances that enable online communication tools have revolutionized how businesses communicate with one another and can no longer be overlooked as an important part of group dynamics. 

Try Clariti for a better experience. Clariti is a free team collaboration software that allows you to send instant messages and make short calls to your co-workers. It is a simple platform that allows you to sign up for free in a few simple steps. Clariti has a unique feature called “Content-rich subject chats,” which allows the conversation to be simplified and easily understood.  

You can read emails, make calls, search and access documents, watch social feeds, and even make to-do lists using this content-rich subject chat. Clariti’s subject chats make it easy to understand the topics without having to search for them. If you are still unsure about what this software is capable of, check out Clariti to start your first conversation!

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