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The Concept of Fertility Treatment

The term fertility treatment suggests a treatment to improve fertility or egg production in women who would like to bring a new child into the world. This term originated from a condition known as infertility, where a man and woman who are in a loving relationship are unable to reproduce naturally. However, this is the scientific aspect; the social implications of infertility are very drastic and tend to cause major problems within a relationship. Infertility often creates high levels of stress within relationships. The inability of the female in the relationship to conceive or give birth to a healthy child more often than not creates very stressful conditions for both partners. This results in an adverse change in behavior in both partners and also creates great upheaval in both the personal and working life of both parties.

The Situation at Present

Infertility is no longer a new issue for couples who are planning to start a family; however, the progress in the field of fertility treatment has been rather sporadic and slow even by the modern standards of advanced health treatments. The advances or lack of, are not unrelated to the ever-increasing cases of infertility among people today. We are just unable to gather enough information to help us calculate the precise situation; this is because of the huge amount of cases of infertility which are never reported. However, the number of cases of infertility in people today appears to be on the increase. Major lifestyle changes make people more susceptible to being plagued by infertility: quite often this illness, and it is an illness, is self-inflicted. The foods which many couples eat are just one problem; they do not eat enough nutritional content which is required for healthy living. Our bodies are under enormous threat from plenty of outside influences, pollution throughout the world is on the increase, habit-forming problems such as alcohol consumption and drugs, also work-related stress, all of which contribute to the causes of infertility and other life-changing illness.

Infertility from a Medical Point of View

Infertility can affect either or both parties in any relationship. The treatments required for infertility, are gender-specific and will vary with each patient’s case history. There are several tests which can be carried out, such as hysterosalpingogram or (HSG) which is an important basic test for infertility, or postcoital test (PC test) which is also known as (sims) and must be carried out within one to two days of ovulation, each of which will help to give a clear analysis of the patients’ illness.

After the tests have been completed, the infertility treatment will consider all cures, any of these can entail several different procedures which will depend on the requirements of the patient and the analysis gained from the tests. Drugs such as Clomid which is used to induce ovulation and is usually the first choice of any doctor in the treatment of infertility, will also usually be suggested to the male partner to use cold packs to help cool the testicles. These are just a few basic examples, however, only a professional ivf centre in Hyderabad can suggest exact fertility cures.

Exercise and other complementary treatments

Apart from the use of medical fertility treatments, there are also other things which will be suggested to complement the ongoing treatment. These complimentary suggestions will be things such as daily nutrition intake and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stress is a major contributing factor to a lot of illnesses, not least infertility, therefore stress must be dealt with immediately.

The Concept of Fertility Treatment

Infertility is quite an emotional experience for all concerned and deserves to be closely scrutinized by everyone concerned with the subject. Many people are afraid to admit to suffering from infertility, which is a real shame as there is treatment and support available from many outlets. Having to experience infertility treatment is quite a difficult exercise and entails quite a stressful and emotional time for both partners; the process can be made more difficult by people’s ignorance of the facts, and the lack of medical research.

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