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The Importance Of Labelling Machines Maintenance

For labelling machines to operate efficiently, reliably and optimally, it’s crucial that they are well maintained. Performing regular maintenance ensures the best protection for your equipment, and increases the life of your production line.

Important maintenance checks

The labelling machines of today are designed to maximise automatic output with minimal human input. Regardless of its level of high-technology or on demand production capabilities, a labelling system still requires regular maintenance checks, if you want to ensure that print and apply application continues to run smoothly.

To prevent wear and tear, it’s essential that a label applicator is cleaned every day. If production demands are high, it may be necessary to clean the equipment more regularly. Before performing any maintenance operations, it’s vital to make sure that the electrical power supply has been removed from the machine.

As the print head is a sensitive component of the label printer, lack of maintenance can create low printing quality. Cleaning the print head carefully and regularly will minimize the build up of dirt. To clean the thermal print head, it’s necessary to remove the label cartridge. You can use the small, sponge tipped stick-like tool, often supplied with labelling machines, to clean the print head. Otherwise a piece of thin cloth will do a good job.

To clean the roller properly, it’s important to remove any labels that are still attached, with an appropriate cleaning product. Do not use a cutter or knife blade to remove labels, as the risk of slipping can cause damage to the labelling machine and yourself.

The labelling system’s cylinders may become clogged with dust or glue over time, and can cause deterioration of the application quality. A daily maintenance check and clean will prevent this problem developing.

The cutter blade requires attention to keep it debris-free. A swab dipped in alcohol removes all traces of anything that can potentially affect the precision of label cutting. As the blade is sharp, extra care is required during this maintenance check.

To prevent the build-up of glue, and to ensure perfect application every time, clean the label applicator.

Installing a compressed air blower, next to the labelling system, can help to prevent dust accumulation.

Exterior cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of labelling machines is equally as important as taking care of the interior.

Clean the cover of your labeller with a damp cloth, to avoid causing an irreversible water damage problem. It’s safe to soak the cloth in water mixed with a gentle detergent, before wringing and applying.

Maintenance matters

Poor maintenance of labelling systems can result in your products and packaging featuring inaccurate labels that create a poor impression of your brand or business. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your labelling system will ensure that optimal operation is on-going, and that any problems are quickly spotted and resolved with appropriate service or repair measures.

As all labelling machines are supplied with an instruction manual, it’s recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for cleaning and maintenance of your labelling applicator system.

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