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The Pros and Cons of a Smart Home

Technology finds innovative ways to change our homes at an alarming rate. With everyone turning to smart homes, is it time to jump onto that bandwagon – or run far away from it in denial? Well, there are plenty of benefits to having a smart home but the question of whether or not they outweigh the negatives is a personal choice. This post debates the advantages vs. the disadvantages of a smart home. Beside, you can get ideas by visiting CustomControls website; which is one of the best home designing companies in UK.

Pros – Major Convenience Factors

All compatible appliances can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. This is undeniably convenient whether you care to admit it or not. The connection is made through wifi or sometimes, less commonly, Bluetooth. It can be everything from oven timers to temperature controls. This can ultimately save you time and money and provide an easy method of managing things all in one place. Smart controls like wifi thermostat options can even save you money and make your home more green as well. 

Pros – Works for Every Age

Young adults, teenagers, children, even seniors – it is becoming more and more common for people of all ages to be well versed in technology. That means a smart home can be accessible to everyone in it as long as they have access to the controls. Regardless of age, applications are usually simple and easy to learn so don’t use age as a barrier. 

Yet despite these amazing advantages, there is another side to every coin. Here are the main arguments against and ways to rectify them. 

Cons – Internet Problems

Of course, with everything being controlled through the WIFI, if that connection is lost or interrupted in some way, everything shuts down. Internet breakdowns happen and they can sometimes take a while to fix. Once devices have been configured to a network, it is difficult to change without resetting all pieces involved and you just have to wait until the connection is restored or fixed. This can lead to a lot of frustration and inconvenience. If your internet is notoriously slow or breaks a lot, make sure you have a backup connection waiting in the wings. 

Cons – Hackers

You may also be at a small risk of a security  breach from hackers. If your smart device controls things like alarms and access, there is a chance that criminals could hack in and acquire entry to your home and personal details. Though the realistic chances of this happening are slim, it is a real occurrence and there should be extra security fall-back options in place to counteract it if the time ever comes. Things like deadlock bolts on doors and windows alongside manual override options need to be included in any smart home plan. 

Either way, the future is coming. Smart homes are the path humans are choosing and one day in the next decade the majority of homes will feature some form of smart device as a sidekick to their appliance control network. Even if you’re not ready yet, it is worth exploring as the benefits definitely win the day and the problems can be easily fixed.

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