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Things to do the Night Before a Move

When moving, it is important to research carefully about where you are going and how you will fully settle down. Relocating to another location comes with several complications, but with the proper information, moving will be easy.

Let’s talk about what you should do before moving, things to do a day before moving, and other valuable information.

Steps to take before moving

When you have decided to move, here are the next step to think about :

Hire a reliable moving company

The first thing to do when moving is to get a reliable mover. There are many movers, but when you choose the wrong moving company, you will be met with disappointment. Choosing local movers guarantees you peace of mind and quality service.

Adjust your mailing service 

Before moving, ensure you change your location with the postal service. If you don’t want to miss emails from old friends and family, ensure you make the necessary adjustments with the postal service. This can be done online, or you can go there physically to make the necessary changes.

Dispose of your items

Before moving, make necessary arrangements for your used belongings. If you have a piece of old furniture, you could sell it on e-commerce sites. If they are damaged beyond repair, you could dispose of them or burn them.

What to do a night before making that move? 

If you want to move the next day, here are some things you need to do before that move:

Pack your suitcase and items 

When moving the next day, ensure you pack all the belongings that are still useful to you. The items there should contain necessary things such as toiletries, clothing, shoes, medicine, and baby materials. Moreover, you should not leave any important documents behind such as certificates, or house deeds among others.

Talk to your neighbors 

If you are living in an apartment or a place with many neighbors, you will have to say your final goodbye. Ensure you let them know where you are going and how you will miss their company. This will show you respect them and care about them

Have some spare cash 

While there are transfers and various payment options, having spare cash for tips is highly recommended. Tipping movers with cash is great and shows how much you appreciate their work. It doesn’t have to be something huge, just a little token to show appreciation is great.

Take inventory 

You should check your belongings and take the right inventory. This is to ensure you don’t forget anything behind. You need to spare some time for this because coming back will be expensive. Don’t also forget to take pictures of fragile items because of insurance and coverage reasons.

Do a final cleaning of the house

Leaving your house dirty is not a recommended suggestion. When leaving the next day, ensure you wash, clean, and declutter the place. Check all hidden spots like toilets, bathrooms, and washers for any signs of cobwebs amongst other germs.

Leave the house keys 

Except you want to visit the house again after your move, kindly release the house keys to the landlord or fresh owners. All duplicates and originals should be handed properly for you to focus on your new move without any distractions.

Tips you can use for a faster move

When moving to another location, here are some tips that can reduce the stress :

Set a budget

Money is important when it comes to planning properly for a move. You should ensure you save enough money before moving. This financial budget will help determine if you can afford a good and reliable Georgetown tx movers service. Making a reasonable budget ensures you have all things covered before making that move.


It’s easier when you declutter your house before your move. You have to quickly sort out the important things and throw away damaged items. This will help reduce your packing time and lessen the stress which comes with moving.

Plan for your kids and pets 

To make your moving stress-free, ensure you make appropriate plans for your children and pets. Inform the kid’s school of your relocation and make proper arrangements in your new place. If it’s needed, collect their transcripts to make the integration of these kids easier.

If you are moving with the pets, ensure you make the right provisions for them with the moving company. Not all Georgetown movers transport pets. However, when they know what you are moving ahead, they will be able to make the right provision.

Final Thoughts

When moving is close, you need to make the right plans to avoid any issues. You need to take inventory, inform your neighbors and clean the house properly. Don’t forget to call the mover to remind them of your belongings and go over the time of movement

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